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Technician Wages

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by David, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. David

    David Guest

    Hello everyone. I am an installation supervisor for a large midwest
    security company and I have some question.s First, are there any other
    managers or supervisors here that are having problems hiring experienced
    techs? If there are, is it due mostly to wages?
    The reason I ask is I have been looking to add technicians to my staff but
    I am stymied by the wage scale that my company has put together. They tell
    me that it is compaetitive but when I make an offer to a prospective tech,
    they either decline or quite often, just don't respond. I have been hiring
    tech assistants in hopes that someday they will become more but I need some
    techs that can hit the ground running.
    That having been said, I am going into an operations managers meeting next
    Tuesday and although I have compiled statistics from the Bureau of Labor as
    well as others, I could use some real hard evidence that we are in fact not
    competitve. What I would like to know is how long you have been in the
    busines, where you are located and what you make an hour. According to my
    bosses, we are in line with other SNA partners.
    I made a promise to the other techs when I was promoted to this posistion
    that I would not forget where I came from and would fight for them to my
    fullest capacity. I am asking for your help, not for me, but for my
    technicians and their families.
    Thank you for any help you can give me.
    David Knutsen
  2. James B

    James B Guest


    This sounds famillar to me, I also do the hiring for our
    company and it is exremely competitive. I have had other companies
    approach my techs on jobsites and offer them more money then we can
    pay. It seems all the skilled technicians already have a job, and
    there are not enogh "techs" to go around.

    How large is the company you work for? The size of the company
    seems to have a lot to do with the amount they pay their techs.

  3. Petem

    Petem Guest

    Hi David

    Dont know about mid west but here in Quebec all technician are in a union

    and the salary is:

    for a 1st year tech (less then 2000 hour of experience) 14.75/hr and double
    time for any amount of hour pass 8 hour a day

    for a 2 year tech (more them 2000 less then 4000 hour of experience)
    17.21/hr and overtime is the same

    for a 3 year exp. tech (more then 4000 lest then 6000 hr of exp.) 20.89/hr
    and overtime is the same

    and for a qualified tech (after he pass an exam to proove his skill, and
    made more then 6000 hr of experience) 24.58/hr and same stuff for overtime

    also, they have a retirement plan wich consist of 18% of there yearly salary
    paid by the boss at 60% and by him at 40%

    and a medicare plan wich is one of the best plan in force in this province
    (dental work at 90% paid. drugs paid 100%. glasses paid 100% and a lot

    they also have short/long term salary insurance in case of accident

    hope this help
  4. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    Let's face it. How many techs out there are tired of getting screwed
    over when their company folds, or sells out to a competitor?

    Retirement plans are nice on paper, but not realistic in today's fast
    paced world. By the time you are almost qualified to retire, many
    companies are looking for ways to fire you based on non existant job
    performance evaluations, or the mysterious "department cutbacks" excuse.

    Pay each tech a flat rate per job or service call, this may equal to
    double or even triple than the national hourly average. This encourages
    production. A tech that installs 2 basic systems a day, should see a
    $300+ per day payscale. Service techs should see 40 to 50 percent of the
    bill, less parts. This way, there is no overtime worries, sick day
    worries, etc. The techs are free to work as much as they want when they
    want. Vacations can be scheduled at a drop of a hat.

    Set them up with their own IRA, which stays with them for life. A 401K
    is a poor way to save for retirement since it can lose value due to
    current stock market activity. Social Security is a national disaster.
    By the time you are old enough to collect it, it's not enough to live
    on, let alone pay your normal household expenses with it.

    Set them up with a 80/20 full healthcare plan. Group coverage, for a
    typical family of 4 will run you $450 per month, which includes major
    medical, and dental.

    Have them supply their own tools. Afterall, if it belongs to them, they
    will take better care of it.

    Use white fleet style vehicles. Skip the $4000+ custom moving billboard
    paint jobs. It's real tacky. Large print letters and a simple slogan is
    more than enough. Who cares if your vehicle gets entered into SDM
    magazine...really now.

    Get everyone in the company a Nextel military grade cell phone, so
    there's no excuse why you can't gat a hold of anyone if a problem
    arises. They now offer unlimited talking plans for $119 a month, it's
    less if you group a bunch of phones together. Now everyone can speak to
    their families and loved ones without having to worry about excessive
    monthly usage charges. That's right, chuck the ICOM 2 way radios.

    Make sure every tech dresses the same. This is extremely important to
    customers. Even a long haired southern boy wearing jeans (no holes
    please), a company shirt and hat looks good to a customer if he dresses
    like he is there to work, not to drink beer and shoot pool.

    If I left anything out, let me know.

    Jim Rojas
  5. Petem

    Petem Guest

    Jim i am all with you

    But here the retirement plan is not controled by the big boss

    we have a organisim called CCQ ( that is in charg of everything
    related to construction business, they collect the cash for the retirement
    plan, for the medicare plan , vacation (12.5% of pay check) the boss need to
    give a report and the cash every month and you can check online if he is
    been screwing you, and if he do the ccq can go and open all his booking and
    pay you by force...

    and thats for all construction business, electricity to plumbing ect..

    I know an electrician that got his retirement plan last year , and left at
    55 with 4000$ a month, taxe paid...not bad...and that plan will be indexed
    and will last till he die, then his wife will have half of it till she die

    with that in view maybe you will find that our plan is not that bad...

    and one other thing, here we are not attached to a company we can switch
    when ever we want all of our stuff follow us, the boss damn know it and they
    are not playing games with us
  6. tourman

    tourman Guest

    RHC: One thing it may be hard for you guys south of the border to
    understand is that Canada is quite a different country in many ways
    than the States. Everything up here is regulated, overregulated and
    regulated some more, by government agencies and bureaucrats who
    supposedly are acting in the citizens best interests. Many times it
    works out well; just as many other instances it does not. The basic
    difference between the two countries boils down to this !! Americans
    believe in "freedom" at most any price. Canadians are far more
    interested in "order and good government". This ingrained philosophy
    of life is part of everything we do and how we think (not me for damn
    sure, but most other Canadians) and explains away many of the things
    that we have to do that you undoubtably think are stupid.

    No one up here truly "goes it alone". After you've done with the
    normal bureaucracy regulating business of all sorts, you then have to
    contend with Revenue Canada who wants a far too large a percentage of
    your profits. At a certain point in business, it simply doesn't pay to
    make too much because you end up working for the government. There is
    one day in June of each month ( I've forgotten the exact date) which
    marks the day you stop paying the government and actually start
    working for yourself.

    It's a bitch......
  7. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    Feel free to have a tea party. We here in the states had a big one in
    the 1700' worked wonders towards our independence. We substituted
    one evil with our own evil. At least we can voted ours out of office
    every few years.

    Or you can kill all the politicians, but before you do that, you have to
    first kill all the lawyers...then you will truly be free.

    Jim Rojas
  8. tourman

    tourman Guest

    RHC: Starting with Brinks lawyers for sure, right?.....:((

    We could never have the equivalent of your Boston Tea Party up here.
    No one would bother coming.....they're all too busy drinking beer and
    watching hockey for anything of that magnitude....
  9. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    I joined forces with APX alarm to takeover the rest of the Brinks shouldn't take long.

    Jim Rojas
  10. David

    David Guest


    In my branch alone, we have about 29 techs. We run the gamut from basic
    guard service to access control and offsite video monitoring. We also have
    our own central station. All totaled, we have well over 3500 employees. We
    have pretty good benefits, insurance, 401k, the techs get a truck to drive
    to and from work which has a gas card in it and we take care of all
    maintenance. They supply their own hand tools and drills but we supply the
    pipe benders, fish tapes large masonry drills, push pull rods, etc. There
    are two installation teams in our branch, one is residential and small
    commercial. Mine is mid to large commercial. My team does a lot of high
    profile jobs such as access, cctv, fire and burg sometimes all four or a
    combination of them on the same job. I'm really getting tired of hiring
    people with no experience and having to take years to bring them up to the
    point where they can tackle these jobs on their own. I was hoping that I
    could get some good information to take to the gm meeting so I could start
    making some decent offers to people.
    Thanks for your input.
  11. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    Apparently, the CCQ turns out to be the most intelligent life form in Quebec.
    Not bad for a single cell organism. ;-)
  12. Red

    Red Guest

    There is no apprentice program within the industry, and it's probably
    too late to get one going.

    The way I see it(practical experience, not vaporware) is that too many
    of the big box companies need just to put bodies on the job, so they
    hire the very minimally experienced, really knowing little to nothing.
    The starting pay is shit, but they quickly advance in $'s and all the
    benefits of a big corp are offered as standard procedure. That's the
    beginning of the spoiling.

    The company trainers, if they're even a bit qualified, try to put
    together a plan to teach the younglings. Many of these trainers are
    unfortunately merely book techs! I personally know of a former
    national trainer who was hired right out of the Navy flight program
    when he retired. Never installed an alarm, maybe even never knew to
    remember his password. Big companies and CFO's running business.

    Operations managers may try, but they can can't spend every minute
    training every tech. The minute production starts to slip, the branch
    manager jumps his ass and that's the end of any desires for quality.

    Now that's where it gets greasy.

    If the quality is not cared for (and please, no bullshit about the
    company being qualified for the NBFAA quality program, that's a farce)
    then the rank and file start caring less and less. The ones that do
    care are taken out of the field and made managers so that stunts his
    skill level and he quickly learns to bend over for that paycheck and

    Finally, when a tech is either canned or made to quit because he's a
    total dork, he goes to any one of the supply houses, spends 15 minutes
    hanging around and gets hired by some little guy who just needs the
    help and is willing to match the stupid salary the bum was getting but
    didn't deserve. Still the same tech, with the same habits due to his
    incredible rote learning of the past. Still does as he pleases, fucks
    things up and drives the company truck wherever he pleases.

    Just interviewed a candidate who had 10 years experience and is making
    $24.00 an hour + bene's, pay stub verified. I handed the guy three
    resistors and the color chart. Couldn't tell me the values.

    He won't get the job even for helper's pay not because he wasn't able
    to read a resistor, but because in 10 years he never saw the need to
    advance himself just an iota.

    We have seen the enemy and it is us.
  13. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    Any info on the settlement? I still can't find one Brinks account I
    monitor or helped to takeover in the past. Maybe APX can give me some

    Have you noticed that Brinks doesn't have the balls to go after ADT or
    anyone else there own size? I have been told by many ADT authorized
    dealers that they takeover hundreds of ex-Brinks customers each and
    every month. And I am more than sure ADT doesn't give a shit about
    Brinks PSA when it comes to their numbers game.

    Jim Rojas
  14. tourman

    tourman Guest

    I have been told by many ADT authorized
    Jim Rojas

    RHC: mean after people have been stupid enough to allow
    themselves to get stung by Brinks the first time, they then repeat
    their error over again with ADT !!!!!!
  15. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    That's the same thing. If the customer breaks the Brinks PSA and signs
    up with ADT, there is no difference whatsoever. Even if new equipment is

    Replacing the Brinks system violates their PSA with their customer. ADT
    is guilty of that every single day. I personally have yet to do this
    even with all the downloads I do on a weekly basis.

    Brink's authorized dealers are the real threat. With over 100+
    authorized dealers that can break ties with Brinks at anytime. This is a
    problem Brinks is avoiding to speak of publicly. I really could give a
    rats ass either way.

    Jim Rojas
  16. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    I am sure even Monitronics gets dealers that fall out of bed, then
    mysteriously many of the accounts they signed up end up cancelling
    prematurely or cancel right when the obligation is ended. It's how many
    dealer survive these days. It is what happens when you sell your soul
    for a quick buck.

    Jim Rojas
  17. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    Slick authorized dealers will swap and take back accounts with friendly
    competitors. This is an old game many play.

    Jim Rojas
  18. Mark you wouldn't care to guess why the Monkster saw a huge drop in
    accounts that were originally installed by Patriot, and then 3 years
    later see those customer names in the Monkster system but after being
    placed online by another dealer, would you? If you don't believe
    dealers flip accounts at the end of the original term you're dead
    Jim may have gone off the deep end (trust me Jim you did. You're out
    where the buses don't run right now) but he's not wrong on this, nor
    is he wrong on the commercials.
  19. Red

    Red Guest

    That's because they just may have to spend some money. Yours wasn't
    even a good lunch bill.
  20. Red

    Red Guest

    That's because when your dealers go they don't want to be found again!
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