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Technical Information of Flexible Neon wire

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Feb 25, 2007.

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    Technical Information of Flexible Neon wire
    Flexible Neon Wire, also called Electroluminescent (EL ) Wire is the
    new generation product in global lighting and display industry.
    Wrapped by colorful plastic tube on its surface, it appears similar to
    common phone wire, emitting light along its entire length but without
    any heat radiation. It consumes much lower power, just 50-70% of LED
    lamp, 20-40%,rope lamp and 1-10% neon light. Funded by professional
    Institute of Chinese Academy of Science, it was developed and put into
    production by Shanghai Keyan Phosphor Technology Co., Ltd (Patent
    NO. : ZL01133342.1), it open a new era in lighting and display field
    featured with energy saving, environmental protection and health.
    Application Field£º
    1. indoor and outdoor advertisement, picture and logo, shopwindow,
    door, furniture, wall, roof, etc.
    2. car, boat and other vehicles decoration: inside and outside
    decoration, number display.
    3. safety sign and guidance: stair, passage, doorplate, temporary
    4. toy, art and handcraft, sport article, garment, electrical
    1.Homogeneous light along the entire length with wide range of vivid
    color, great and comfortable to be seen especially in darkness for
    both human being and animal, also no influence on growth of plants.
    It's clear and safe to be observed in distance at night when it's been
    equipped on car door outline. It also can beauty the city night scene
    when applied on tree, grass etc.
    2.With characteristic of energy saving, environmental protection as
    well as safety, it has low power consumption, applied to voltage from
    3V to 220V, also no heat radiation, can save national electric power
    sources greatly. As per present suitable application in indoor or
    outdoor low building , it's able to save 15% darkness decoration power
    in cities. And decrease environmental temperature efficiently. It will
    not cause any environmental pollution whatever usage or be abandoned,
    especially can avoid serious lighting pollution in big cities. Due to
    its low working current , it has no harm to human body.
    3.It's flexible, can be bent , knotted, cut , stretched, spliced
    etc. but lighting effect will not be influenced . Flexibility of EL
    wire is similar to common phone wire, folding angle reach more than 15
    degree, maximum bending achieve 360 degree, and can be bent or
    stretched repeatedly . The length of EL wire is cut according to
    customer's application but the homogenous lighting effect remain still
    the same. come into continuous lighting length , featured in 360 degree
    multi color lighting, be made single color or combination of different
    colors on one single wire, animation effect is achieved by circuit
    control. It has different shape such as squareness, round, half round,
    flat etc. Single luminescence core or more luminescence cores is able
    to be combined to improve the brightness. Diameter arrange from 0.7 to
    20mm or even bigger.
    5.To be fixed on decoration surface with transparent adhesive tape,
    glue, clip, thread nail, or plastic card etc. decoration surface
    include glass, display window, furniture, window, wall etc. It's easy
    to be applied, no need of any professional instruction. Flat EL wire
    can also to be sewed on cloth, leather etc

    Technical information£º
    Normal diameter: 0.8, 1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0mm
    Color: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, transparent, white, etc.
    Shape: column form, square, strap, two colors, three colors, etc.
    The longest wire: 200m
    Usual Working Condition: AC220, AC110, DC3V, DC12V, etc.(work with its
    Capacitance: 4.6nF/M Tensile Force: <1 kg Luminescence Index:
    Applicable Temperature: -400C to 600C Average Life: 1000-5000
    Proper Working Condition: 120V, 1000Hz Power: 0.4 W/m
    Preservation time: 1 year, preservation temperature: 10-250C
    Relative humidity: 50%
    Standard test condition: AC115V, 400Hz, relative humidity: 50%
    Special specification as your order in advance

    1. forbid to connect power supplier without its driver
    2. the flash function control by driver.
    3. forbid to cut when connecting power. The electrode forbid to
    connect together, and should prevent it from water.
    4. When making shape or connecting, do not to drag and bend
    5. the wire need match the suitable driver to work, otherwise may
    break the wire and driver, even dangerous. The driver should operate
    in power properly. The driver forbid to work without connecting wire.
    6. If the wire or driver is very hot, cut off power immediately, call
    the distributor.
    7. keep far from tinder, causticity goods
    8. install and connect with professional's guidance
    Please attend the warning above
    The connection diagram:
    Structure picture

    Shanghai Keyan Phosphor Technology Co., Ltd
    Add: 139#, No. 3740, Huanning Rd, Xinzhuang Industry Zone, Minhang
    District, Shanghai, 201108, China
  2. On 25 Feb 2007 14:04:41 -0800, in
    I thought the israeles were making this stuff 10 years ago

  3. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    What's the efficiency in lumens/watt?

    How long does it last, say, hours to half brightness? ELs tend to
    degrade with time.

  4. 1000 hours is a bit short.

    Absolute zero is -273.15°C


    A miracle, call NASA, NIST,
  5. Yea, 600C was a bit high too:)
  6. Prolly -40°C ~ 60°C, innit?

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  7. joseph2k

    joseph2k Guest

    It is currently protected under one or more patents in the US and Europe.
    Sell it at risk of litigation.
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