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Tech: Problem with Pioneer Elite file type cd player

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rich Haak, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. Rich Haak

    Rich Haak Guest

    I know these are bitch to work on. Not really my forte. I bought this on ebay a few years ago. It worked great, looks brand new and has the original box and packing. I let sit a while and went to resell it. When I tested it, the door to access the carousel opens and then closes immediately. After a few tries it will stay open and I can load it and it plays great. Let it sit some more and now the LED display is fluctuating and all segments are lighting and are wavy. Before I throw it on ebay for parts, can somebody give me any hints on what's wrong with it or anyone care to make an offer on it.It's a beautiful unit in near mint condition. It's a PD-F19 with the rosewood sides and Urushi finish. Original box,packig, remote and manual too.

  2. Guest

    What do you want for it - besides one of us to repair it?

  3. Guest

    Typical power supply issues and this unit needs a replacement loading belt.Perhaps a good overhaul is all that is required. I've done many of theseover the years. These are solid units with few problems other than age. Nothing a good maintenance effort can't cure.

  4. Rich Haak

    Rich Haak Guest

    I was going to put it on epay for $149. I don't have the time to work on itand obviously no time to use it. Besides, all of my music is on my ipod now. I don't even own enough cd's to fill it.
  5. Rich Haak

    Rich Haak Guest

    Still looking to sell, any interest? Have box, packing, remote and manual. Near mint cosmetically. $149
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