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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Jim Rojas, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    I need some content to add to the tech help program. Anyone wishing to
    add anything to my publication are free to email me text and images.

    Thank you

    Jim Rojas
  2. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    Whatever type of content you feel you would like to share with other

    Jim Rojas
  3. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

  4. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    Tech help requires text or html. You can just email them over.

    Jim Rojas
  5. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    You'll recognize them easily. The Uni-brow is a family trait.
  6. Doug

    Doug Guest

    I've yet to see a low cost IR camera that in the real world performs
    anywhere close to what the manufacturers specifications claim. It seems
    common for the manufactures to grossly exagerate the performance of their
    LED equipped cameras.

  7. Doug

    Doug Guest

    The usable image may even be less than that, and to make it worse I'm not
    sure that many people read the power requirements which may be 100-200mA
    range in the daytime but could easily be in the 1.5 to 2.5 amp range at at
    night when the LEDs come on, they then hang these things on the end of
    several hundred feet of 22 gauge wire or cat5 with two pairs used for power
    and wonder why they don't work properly.

  8. Petem

    Petem Guest

    Doug, Its common knowledged that low voltage doesnt need big wiring ;-)))
  9. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    I have been on plenty of prewires that have cat 5 running all over the
    place. It was not cost effective to replace all the cables, so I
    installed a 24VAC camera power supply, and put a full wave bridge
    rectifier at each camera. I replaced all the fuses in 24VAC supply in
    favor of auto resettable fuses. It is a little extra work, but this
    actually gives you more flexibility. I also installed resettable fuses
    after the rectifier.

    Jim Rojas
  10. Doug

    Doug Guest

    Topsy got it

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