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Tech Help May 2008

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The latest version can be downloaded from this location:

    I will be posting this message each month because Jim Rojas has been instructed not to do so.

    Thank you one and all.

    Nigel Tenner
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    If you seriously want to help Jim, you should stop posting this. You
    obviously have no idea what his situation is. He's facing criminal
    contempt charges and this group is being monitored by attorneys that are
    acting for Brinks. Instead of posting this nonsense, you should be
    posting the links to all the web sites that display supposed Brinks
    "IP". Perhaps this will help them find someone with deeper pockets that
    will actually face them off in a courtroom. The judgment they obtained
    against Jim is useless. Boinks probable spent more that triple that in
    legal fees alone, and for what?? They didn't come away with anything
    that definitively identifies their intellectual property rights. Worse,
    Jim can still file for an appeal and I believe he would have good
    grounds to launch a counter-suit for harassment and tortuous interference.
  3. Doug

    Doug Guest

    Tortious Frank, its Toms posts that are tortuous

  4. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

  5. Aluminum
    pronounced Al lou me num NOT Al ooh men ee um
  6. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    thought it was; Al Lou Minimum

    **Crash Gordon**
  7. As if any of us can understand the Brits anyway.
  8. Crash Gordon

    Crash Gordon Guest

    need a pint o' bitters at me favourite poob.

    **Crash Gordon**
  9. You mean Brinks can sue us for the over 200 panels I have reprogrammed to
    our station.

    Your kidding right?

    It only takes about 5 min. to walk in and reprogram the systems eprom.

    What is the problem with that?
  10. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    The customer does not own the equipment. You are illegally converting
    it. Brinks can not only sue their customer for the balance of the
    contract term, they can legally enter the premises and recover their
    equipment. They can then sue you for tortious interference. We've
    taken over about forty Brinks installs. In all cases, we've removed
    "their" equipment and boxed it neatly for pick-up from the customer's
    premises. The customer is advised to contact Brinks to arrange for this
    and everyone one has done this (even to the extent of leaving multiple
    messages with their service department). Brinks has never sent anyone
    around. One of my customers has been waiting for four years. Mind you,
    this is the same customer whose system was never properly programmed to
    begin with. A motion sensor, smoke alarm, and three door contacts were
    never set up. That left the customer with one functioning motion sensor
    and two door contacts in a 2400 square foot house with no fire
    protection. Brinks sucks!
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