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TDS 2002 psu noise

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by [email protected], Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Hi all,

    I have a Tektronix TDS 2002, and it has a great issue: it is noisy.

    Its psu (switched-mode PSU) is very noisy, and radiates a 44 kHz signal
    that contaminates DUT (dispositive under test).

    I hope that Tektronix fixes this nasty problem.


  2. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    wrote in
    Did you send them a letter or email? Or have it checked at a TEK service
  3. Guest


    Yes, i do.

    I went to Livingstone technical service, and they told me that is an
    issue that ALL TDA2002 suffer, and they don't fixes that. My scope is
    under warranty and Livingstone don't repair it.

    Livingstone technical service was capable of found the same failure I
    saw, follwing my instructions on how to measure and seeing it, but they
    don't repair it because the same failure was saw in all scopes TDS2000
    series they measured in their workshop.



    Jim Yanik ha escrito:
  4. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    wrote in
    Then you need to contact TEKTRONIX directly.
    Not a subsidiary,but the US factory.
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