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Taxan monitor focus problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Set Square, Dec 10, 2005.

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  1. Set Square

    Set Square Guest

    Further to my earlier post about my Taxan 21" monitor being dead, I've
    managed to get inside the power supply - and found that a 4 amp fuse had
    blown. I've replaced the fuse, and the monitor is now working again -

    However, the picture quality isn't too wonderful - lacking general clarity
    and focus. I've trimmed all the usual contrast/brightness settings etc. to
    no avail. There's probably a focus adjustment somewhere inside, but I don't
    really know what to look for.

    Is anyone familiar with this beast or, better still, does anyone have access
    to a service manual? It is a Taxan Ergovision 2160TCO95 - made by Kaga
    Electronics (which appears to part of Mishubishi) in Japan in 1998.

    Failing that, can anyone point to any generic instructions - preferably with
    pictures - for identifying and adjusting the focus controls of a CRT

    I accept that it may not be possible. It's even possible that some non-fatal
    component or other failed and caused the fuse to blow, and maybe had a
    detrimental effect on the focus. But I'd like to try to rescue the monitor
    if possible - it's barely useable in its existing condition.

  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    You have to verify that the power supply outputs, high voltage, and
    screen bias, are all correct. Adjusting to fix a defect is not going to
    correct the problem.

    If all is correct, the CRT may be failing.

    You will require the service manual and proper tools to servive your
    monitor. It may be more feasible to replace it.

    Many of the monitor manufactures do not sell any spare parts or service
    information to non factory aythorized service people.

    Jerry G
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