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Tampering J-boxes

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Lincoln J. King-Cliby, Nov 16, 2004.

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  1. Hi All,

    A question from the ever paranoid me:

    Is it possible/practical to tamper the cover on a standard 4" square
    J-box? If so, what would be used/what's the cost per box?

    I have to use something for the transition from the Magnapulls (with
    armored cables) to conduit and am also locating the shock sensors and
    DEOLs in there.

    Right now, I have a little bit of obscurity on my side as all of the
    boxes are above suspended ceilings and at least 10' off the ground,
    plus a little bit of false security (I put the same

    Opening panel or tampering with wiring
    will immediately notify University Police
    For access or service call <me> at Ext. <phone#>

    flourescent orange stickers that I put on the cans that really are
    alarmed/tampered as a deterent).

    I am about 98% positive that there's no way any of the folks who we're
    trying to secure this stuff from could walk off with anything without
    being detected (even if I were just using traditional EOL, between the
    general intelligence level & the physical security employed) I'd
    really like to be able to give my employer the extra 2% assurance.


  2. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    On 15 Nov 2004 21:54:27 -0800 "Lincoln J. King-Cliby"
    used 33 lines of text to write in newsgroup:

    You could wire some mini contacts in series with the Magnapulls. Put
    the contact on the inside of the 4 square box, the magnet on the
  3. Aegis

    Aegis Guest

    I'd just glue a microswitch in the box... one with the lever type action
    (they make a distinct clicking noise)
  4. Robert Bass

    Robert Bass Guest

    Is it possible/practical to tamper the cover
    You could use a standard tamper sensor like the GRI TSC-20:

    You need to bend the bracket with a needle nose pliers a little to make it
    fit the edge of the junction box.
    Great attitude!


    Robert L Bass

    Bass Home Electronics
    2291 Pine View Circle
    Sarasota · Florida · 34231
    877-722-8900 Sales & Tech Support
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