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Taking apart an OLD microwave ove

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by John Gilmer, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. John Gilmer

    John Gilmer Guest

    I had a old microwave over which I picked up at Monkey Wards (now out of
    business) back in 1977/78. It just kept on running and running and
    running. The "touch" keypad was difficult to operate and it was clear that
    it wasn't quite as powerful as it was but it was there.

    Last week, it stopped. We had already planned on replacing it with an over
    the over model (more about that in another post) so I wasn't upset.

    I decided to take it apart "just to see."

    Some comments on what I found:

    1) That thing was SOLID! It was really, really well put together.

    2) It had two (2), two pole (plus pilot) contactors. One was for the
    "browning" element. The other was for fail safe purposes. The final
    switching to the transformer was by some kind of triac (there was a diagram
    showing all the power and contactor wiring -- the "logic" just showed the
    120 volt and "safety" and sensor interfaces).

    3) When I had opened things up, I almost wished I had been a little more
    careful (because of dirt, I ended up bending the outer sheet metal to get it
    off). Turns out the Triac (or whatever) had broken off from it's heat
    sink. Without the heatsink, it failed (the proof was that the wiring to
    the triac showed some heat damage to the insulation. I was almost tempted
    to get another triac and put the thing back together.

    I "salvaged" a bunch of stuff like:

    1) The control panel -- it's powered from 120 volts. I might be able to
    find some use for it. My older girl said she might enjoy having it so I
    might find some way of getting it powered and not be a shock hazard to her.

    2) The contactors (both nameplated for 15 amps.

    3) The MAIN transformer, high voltage diode, and voltage doubling

    4) The magnitron tube (still has the heat sink but I want to see
    how they focused the magnetic.

    5) The permanent magnets (two flat "donuts". The magnetic
    circuit was completed by some heavy gauge sheet steel. I might keep them
    and play with the effects on conductors dropped between the poles.

    6) Some power hardware including a combo fuse block and male "slip on"
    terminal block.

    7) The MANY microswitches (safety, door switch, temperature probe

    8) The overheat sensor on the microwave cooling fins (NC).

    9) The thermal fuse that detected whether the contents of the over
    were on fire!

    10) The 50 rpm "stirrer motor"

    11) The cooling fan.

    For now, I will just move the stuff to a "junk box."

    If anyone has any projects to suggest, let me know.

    Anyway, I figured some of your would be amused by the whole thing.
  2. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk Johnson Guest

    Take it to the dump or just dump it on the side of the road somewhere.

    Kirk Johnson - "Stretchin it to the max since 1977."
  3. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    The transformer is a nice hunk of iron for when you want to
    wind your own transformer. Many microwave transformers
    have one side intentionally shorted to ground, so be aware
    of that if you intend to use it unmodified.

  4. Rich256

    Rich256 Guest

    I too have a "junk box" full of similar parts. Never know when you might
    have a use for them. If you are into Ham radio it seems that there is
    always something coming up that needs a part your just threw away.

    A friend had a microwave that was arcing. He bought a new one and was
    throwing out the old one. Out of curiousity I took it home to see what it
    might be. When I opened it up I found a fried moth in the waveguide.
    Cleaned it out, put the oven back together and it worked like new.
  5. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk Johnson Guest

    I do it with all my old TV's, Fridges Etc. They only usually sit there for
    a few weeks, then someone comes and cleans them up.

    What's wrong with that ?

    Kirk Johnson - "Stretchin it to the max since 1977."
  6. Rich256

    Rich256 Guest

    Geeze, I spelt it all rite. Pretty good for an Enginneer.
  7. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk Johnson Guest

    I don't live in a state. Maybe you are the retarded one to place
    a post thinking that everyone lives in the same country as Yourself.

    FWIW it was a troll post trying to put across the amount of
    TV's & other consumables electrical items that are just dumped
    in my country.

    Gonna bite again ?

    Kirk Johnson - "Stretchin it to the max since 1977."
  8. Ben Miller

    Ben Miller Guest


    Be careful with that transformer. Several amps at 2-3kV is potentially

    Ben Miller
  9. Aratzio

    Aratzio Guest

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  10. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk Johnson Guest

    Nipple Tweek!

    Kirk Johnson - "Stretchin it to the max since 1977."
  11. Kirk Johnson

    Kirk Johnson Guest

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  12. John Gilmer

    John Gilmer Guest


    The cap (used in the voltage doubler) is reated for 1400 VAC!
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  14. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

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