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Synchronous motor

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Carlos Saraiva, Dec 2, 2003.

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  1. Hi

    What is a 220VAC synchronous motor?
    Is it a normal AC (2 or 3 wire) motor?

  2. Most AC motors are induction motors. That means that there is an eddy
    current magnetic memory of sorts built into the rotor that holds some
    of the field magnetism and gives the field something to work against.
    This magnetic memory is constantly being refreshed as the motor turns,
    but this process slips the memorized field slowly, causing the
    induction motor to run a little slower than in synchronism with the
    AC, with the slip increasing as the load torque increases.

    Synchronous motors give the field a fixed magnetic structure to work
    against. Either a chunk of iron with (salient) poles and spaces
    between poles (synchronous reluctance) or permanent magnets. These
    turn in strict synchronism with the line frequency, with only a phase
    shift as load torque varies.
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    Can be two or more wires depending on the number of phases and wiring
    used. Simplest form is two wire single phase as used in some record
    turntables, clocks, tape decks, etc.. Slow Syn makes a line of three
    wire low speed synchronous motors (essentially wound like stepper
    motors) that require a cap and resistor to shift the phase for one
  4. Thanks.

    Where can I find some schematics to learn more about this type of motors?

  5. Thanks.

    Where can I find some schematics to learn more about this type of motors?

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  7. I don't have a favorite site for this. But I have given you many of
    the key words needed to do a Google search. (salient pole, synchronous
    reluctance, permanent magnet, synchronous AC motor) Adding the key
    word 'tutorial' is often useful.
  8. Thanks for helping

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