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Symmetrical components

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Vlad, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Vlad

    Vlad Guest

    Hello everyone

    I hope this isn't the wrong place to ask, but I'm having a bit of a problem.. I am trying to build an abc to positive/negative/zero components transformation block (in LTspice), I did it, but sometimes I get erroneous behaviour: DC levels seem to be "omitted" at the output for an 'abc > 120 > abc' chain.

    The schematic I'm using is this: (hopefully thelink won't get deleted)

    and the waveforms are these:

    You can see that all are identical, but b/b* and c/c* have a DC difference between them. Here are the differences:
    (in1, in2 and in3 are the a, b and c in the previous screenshots)

    The signals from the generator are these:
    - all three phases have unity fundamental + 3rd/3, 5th/5 and 7th/7 all positive harmonics;
    - phase a has twice the amplitude;
    - phase b has 0.1Vdc;
    - phase c has 0.3rad phase lead.

    If only b or c phase have offset, the output seems to swap it, for example (this case): b phase has 0.1Vdc, but b* has zero, while c* has 0.1Vdc. The same happens for c with DC and b normal. But if both b and c have the same offset, all the three phase's wafeforms match! For a phase, everything works.

    Is this normal? Are DC bias levels "left behind"?

    Thank you in advance,

    PS: In order to build the schematic for a practical use, I had to maneuver a bit through the equations to avoid the [+/-]2*pi/3 delay, and so I transformed exp([+/-]j*2*pi/3)=-1/2[+/-]j*sqrt(3)/2, which left only j to take care of, a minor leap for SPICE-kind. That's why the delays used are "0.25/f", not "0.666/f".
  2. Vlad

    Vlad Guest

    Maybe someone can suggest another group or forum for a possible answer? I have tried a few but, so far, no answer. Could I hope I stumbled across some forbidden art? :)

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