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Sylvania remote or tv problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jim Elbrecht, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Jim Elbrecht

    Jim Elbrecht Guest

    My 80yr old parents have a Sylvania SRT2227s that quit responding to
    the remote. [first a couple buttons- then all of them]

    They've bought 2 universal remotes and couldn't get either to work.
    [My sister and brother tried, too- both good 'direction followers'.]

    So as I was leaving their house yesterday after snow-blowing their
    driveway all day, mom asks if I can get them a new remote that just
    controls the TV. I asked if she was sure it wasn't the TV's
    problem and not the remote, and she isn't.

    So I figure the first thing I should do is try this remote on another
    TV. [especially when I see that a simple remote is $30]

    I don't see any numbers on it but it is the remote that came with this
    TV in 2002. It does say Sylvania on it. Bought at Sears, if that
    changes anything.

    Before I bother my TV repair guy with this one, is there a list of
    what TV's this remote should control-- or some way to determine if it
    is the remote or the TV- when the TV is an hour away?

  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Most new universal remotes should have the correct code for a 5 year old
    TV. My educated guess would be the TV is at fault.
  3. Jim Elbrecht

    Jim Elbrecht Guest


    My guess was uneducated, but it was the same. My question was is
    there some way to confirm that without the TV?

    Neither of them is very mobile- mom's got a bad knee and dad just
    broke his hip so it seems to me a remote would be a necessity. But
    they are old school and have done without it for a couple months. ["We
    only have 3 channels and don't watch that much TV. . . the volume
    control would be handy sometimes. . ."]

    They are also resistant to change or I'd just show up at their door
    with a new 27" & tell them I'll get their old one fixed for them. If
    it *is* the remote, they would rather just have a new remote.

  4. If you have a camcorder you can usually see the flashes by taping from the
    front of it.

    There are specialty stores on the web that sell remotes.
  5. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    You can check the remote for infrared output. I have a card that glows
    when infrared hits it. Or you could record it on a camcorder (look at it
    through the viewer)since most are sensative to infrared.
    If it is the remote, this one will have the exact replacement.

  6. Guest

    This suggests that the contacts on the remote might be messed up.
    Could be a combination of dirt and bodily fluids, or possibly the
    contact material on the backside of the rubber keypad is wearing away.

    For the first problem, you can try cleaning the keypad and the circuit
    board contacts in the remote with alcohol and a Q-tip. For the second,
    you can buy conductive paint to put on the keypad where the contact
    material has worn off. That works for a while, then the conductive
    paint wears off too - DAMHIKT.

    Only other thing I ever had go wrong with a remote was a solder joint.
    Dropped a remote and it stopped working. Opened it up and looked
    around. Turned out whoever put it together had clipped the leads of
    the crystal very short before they soldered it in - the shock of
    dropping the remote was just enough to break the connection.
    Resoldered the crystal and it worked again.

    If I couldn't get the remote to work after trying those 2 or 3 things,
    I think I would bite the bullet and order a direct replacement remote
    from the manufacturer. Which is exactly what I did with a JVC remote a
    couple of years ago, after cleaning several times and recoating the
    keypad failed to improve it's performance for very long.

  7. Hi!
    As others have suggested, many video cameras are sensitive to IR. I have a
    digital still camera that is also sensitive to IR in the "night" or slow
    shutter mode. While this will confirm that the remote is emitting something,
    it won't tell you if the remote is emitting anything sensible. Your
    mentioning that some buttons failed before the whole thing quit makes me
    think that the remote is to blame.

    As for your universal remote problems, I have a Magnavox table TV that has
    only ever worked properly with its factory remote (not even a learning
    remote could fool it) and a Kyocera DA-610 CD player that no universal
    remote has ever been able to control.

    I could think of two things offhand. First, look at the back of the TV and
    see if there is an FCC ID number printed on the back. This will tell you who
    made the set. You might then be able to cross reference and find another set
    that would be compatible for test purposes.

    Secondly, try taking the remote to a store where TV sets are sold. If the TV
    that goes with this remote isn't terribly old, you might find that another
    set will respond to its remote.

    Finally, try a few different brands of universal remote.

  8. ISTR there is a project for Linux to compile all known IR code sequences.


  9. Unique

    Unique Guest
  10. Jim Elbrecht

    Jim Elbrecht Guest

    -snip- Darn- I already ordered one- but this site has them a bit cheaper.
    [OTOH- their web designer needs to go to KISS school]

    Thanks for the link for future reference.

  11. jonpi

    jonpi Guest

    I had a Sears Sylvania with a similar remote won't work problem...might
    have been the same model...the problem was in the set...I gave up trying
    after going so far as checking the IR pickup from the worked
    fine but something deeper in was gone and not worth trying to find or
    fix for me....i checked the pickup out of the set by putting power to it
    and observing the output with my scope
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