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Sylvania/Funai TV/DVD/VCR shutdown question

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by D H A C, Jun 25, 2004.

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  1. D H A C

    D H A C Guest

    This is regarding a Sylvania model SRCD227 27" combo that's about 2 years
    old. This group has helped me in the past with these combo units, I'm hoping
    someone will recognize this problem and maybe a couple of diodes will fix
    it. I have no schematic.
    What I have is a TV that will power up. You can get an excellent (off-air)
    picture for a few seconds and then it will shut off. D2645 appears to have
    been running a little hot....not sure if this is related although the diode
    checks good on the ohm meter. All of the other diodes in this area also
    check good with the meter and there doesn't appear to be any shorts at the
    diodes outputs. Another clue is there doesn't seem to be any power to the
    motor in the DVD player and the VCR doesn't go through it's self test when
    first plugged in.
    If anyone has had a similar problem and could make a suggestion or if
    someone has access to a schematic and would be willing to forward.

  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    More than likely the problem is in the VCR or possibly the DVD
    mechanism..... if there is a mechanical or electronic problem in the VCR
    tape or cassette loading mechanism this can cause the symptoms you
    These are just about impossible for the inexperienced novice to troubleshoot
    or repair..... my best advice to you is for you to TAKE it to a service shop
    for a professional hands-on opinion, otherwise all you will get on the
    internet or the phone is guesses.
  3. D H A C

    D H A C Guest


    I appreciate the suggestions. No novice here. Just retired from the business
    and I still enjoy troubleshooting....
  4. sofie

    sofie Guest

    You have fun now..... after you fix it please post your repair results.
  5. Eugen T

    Eugen T Guest

    I have same problem in Sylvania VCR/TV. The problem is in VCR - one of the
    gears came off - it's very hard to get to the VCR - you have to take the
    whole thing apart, and it's also very hard to put that gear back on and get
    it in correct spot. I gave up on that 13" piece of crap.

  6. D H A C

    D H A C Guest

    Thanks for the recommendation about the VCR problems. This TV is much easier
    to service than the old 9 and 13 inch Funai combos of the past. Looks like
    I am missing the 12 volts going to the VCR and DVD. I guess it's time for a
    Just figured I'd post the question in hopes I would be lucky enough to find
    someone that had the same problem with this model....
  7. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill Guest

    I haven't had the delightful experience of working on one of these combo
    units with DVD, but have repaired a few of the TV/VCR types.

    My approach would be to confirm that any power supply sources (any that are
    labeled) are present, then to focus my attention on the VCR.
    I suspect the unit in normal operating condition (when empty) would normally
    power up when a cassette is inserted, as an auto-on/power-up feature.
    Confirming that the sensor light source is present, and possibly verifying
    that the sensors are changing states would be a basic check.
    The mechanical parts should be closely inspected, and a check of freedom of
    motion of the various parts to see that a forign object hasn't caused some
    interruption and/or damage.
    It's not likely that the mode switch is easily accessible, or that it can be
    tested without a service manual. I generally try to avoid a
    tear-down/disassembly to get a mode switch out.. instead, I try to get a
    couple of drops of DeoxIT to creep into the switch to see if this will
    change any of the symptoms (after cycling the mech thru a couple of loading

    I'm in about the same place as you, it seems.. out of the biz for a few
    years, but unable to avoid the challenge of repairs. It's good exercise for
    my feeble grey matter.
    Funai was decent at providing parts info and service literature years ago,
    don't know about now though.

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