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Switched Audio Attenuator

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Mike Warren, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Mike Warren

    Mike Warren Guest

    Is it possible to get a 16 step attenuator from 4 SPST switches and
    resistors and have infinite attenuation (or close to it) as one of
    the steps?

    I want to simulate a volume pot so this needs to be logarithmic.

    I'm thinking something like this, but am not sure about values, or
    even if the idea will work:
  2. Mike Warren

    Mike Warren Guest

    Vladimir Vassilevsky wrote:

    Thanks for your reply, Vladimir.
    The uC is an ATMega8, but I was planning to feed it from a 4094
    I could probably use uC port pins directly if there was a major advantage.

    I have used a port pin in the past to mute audio in the past but it was
    important, IIRC, that the peak audio voltage never exceeded Vcc or below
    0V to avoid clipping. This was using a AT1200, so more modern chips might
    behave differently.

    Small clicks and THD of 0.1% won't be a problem.

    Won't that only be capable of a minimum gain of 1? Maybe I'm not
    understanding what you are suggesting.

    Ideally, I want a gain range of 0 to 1, but can work with a different
  3. Mike Warren

    Mike Warren Guest

    I just found a very cheap volume control IC that will do the job, so
    problem solved.
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