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switch selection

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Michael, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    I need to find a switch that is capable of withstanding 400-500V and
    has lowest possible leakage, preferably way under 1uA. The load
    current is from nanoamps to tens of microamps. Relays are way to big
    and I am not sure how the contacts behave if load current is way too
    MOSFET - ? I haven't been able to find one with low enough leakage (I
    am still looking).

    The application: I need to be able to geta (low current) plus or minus
    couple hundred (100...400, actually) volts bias from the same board. I
    have two HV supplies, one of them needs to be disconnected.
    Thank for suggestions
  2. HiggsField

    HiggsField Guest

  3. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Thanks for your help guys. This FTR-B3SB4.5Z thing seems to be very
    attractive except height (have <5mm limit on one side of the board and
    I have to check mechanical model for the other side).
    Another thing that bugs me is "minimum switching load" of 10uA. What
    if I need to switch less? Will I get some noise on contacts???
    ???What defines minimum switching current for mechanical contacts???

    I found (picked) PVU414 (there are plenty of replacement, which is
    important for our small volumes). 1uA max leakage is something I can
    live with (I think)
  4. Michael

    Michael Guest

    I just checked "mechanicals". The height limits are: <5mm one side of
    PCB and <2mm another side of PCB. Ooooops!
  5. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Winding a coil.... Grrrrr. I'd rather not get into it. I would
    probably get yelled at by people who deal with CMs
    It's a very good idea.
    BUT... The board is very tight as it is and cutting out 10x7mm hole
    doesn't make me feel very good... I'll look into it, though.
  6. Michael

    Michael Guest

    One more comment. If I have zero cutout tolerance, I will have 0.5mm
    of leads on each side to solder to. The relay has 0.2mm width
    tolerance. This leaves me with 0.3mm. The leads have +...-0.3mm
    tolerance. This leaves me with... nothing.
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