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SVGA splitter

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Stanley Beamish, Nov 16, 2003.

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  1. I know that you can get SVGA splitters that allow a single PC to display on
    multiple displays, but does anyone know of a product that does the converse:
    allows a single display to be shared amongst multiple PCs (i.e. without
    getting down on hands an knees and physically swapping the cable around,
    just press a button (or similar) instead).

  2. Do a search for "KVM switch"

    There are manual, and software controlled switches available. Belkin
    is one manufacturer.
  3. Yes. It's called a 'KVM' (Keyboard/Video/Mouse) switch. Its
    purpose in life is to allow the sharing of one keyboard, one display,
    and one mouse between multiple computers.

    They're readily available from companies like Rose Electronics,
    Apex, and various others (I do NOT recommend looking at Belkin -- after
    the debacle with their wireless routers, hijacking random web requests
    to their advertising page, they deserve to be boycotted).

    You can also find used ones at ham radio/electronic swap meets,
    and all over Ebay.

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