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Surplus electricity

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Trygve Lillefosse, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    In an off grid system, you may need a system to handle surplus energy.

    One possible solution is an outdoor resistance-heater that "burns off"
    the electricity that is not needed.

    In a national power grid, it is offcource mutch easier to produce
    exactly whats needed, but they may also need similar system.

    This is the solution we have choosen in Norway.
  2. PhattyMo

    PhattyMo Guest

    I'll mail you one end of an extension cord,and you can send it all to me!
  3. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    No. If the 'excess electricity' isn't 'burnt off' in resistance heating it just
    makes the PV panel hotter which then radiates the equivalent amount of energy.

    There is however no need to 'burn off' 'excess electricity', any more than 'burn
    off' excess water from a tap.

  4. Små barn, store gleder.:)
  5. Morris Dovey

    Morris Dovey Guest

    Jim wrote:
    | ||
    || Would this in some small way contribute to global warming? The
    || thing is, if hundreds of thousands get to off-grid at some future
    || point then what can be done with the excess electricity?
    | use it to power shutters that block the sun from hitting the PVC
    | array....

    Use it to separate out the C in CO2. When you have enough C's, use it
    to power a press to make diamonds for adding sparkle to tinfoil hats.
  6. Morris Dovey

    Morris Dovey Guest

    Jim wrote:
    || Use it to separate out the C in CO2. When you have enough C's, use
    || it to power a press to make diamonds for adding sparkle to tinfoil
    || hats.
    | Word on the street is that it makes the shiny side shinier....

    AND it scatters the mind control beams!

  7. You

    You Guest

    Just ONE of the many things, that George doesn't KNOW.........
  8. No wonder. They are big fans of Monthy Python.

    If you understand norwegain, you should definately check out more of
    them. Especialy if you speak some danish - this is what norwegians
    think of the (spoken)danish language. After seeing it againg, I assume
    that you dont need to know danish to understand it. (Most of it is
    spoken in english - the way danes speak it...)
  9. Hah.

    You do not fool me, with a switch there will be a buildup of
    electricty. Resulting in high pressure and eventualy the wire will
    burst - spilling electrons all over the floor.

    You could offcource have a buccet under the switch in case this
    happens. But it is quite impractical, and you must pour all the
    electrons trough a pretty small opening in the battery.

    As I do not have time to be running around collecting electrons all
    over the house, I "just say NO to switches".
  10. Morris Dovey

    Morris Dovey Guest

    LearningDan wrote:

    | I think the shiny side is plenty shiny already. If all concerned
    | were to wear their tinfoil hats like they should, scattering the
    | beams wouldn't be necessary. Sticking diamonds all over them in the
    | guise of improvement is just an excuse for sumptuosity, and a waste
    | of diamonds when there are so many lonely girls out there.

    My experience has been that even the most lonely of the bunch are only
    interested in the larger diamonds - and that even when they get 'em,
    they're still not happy.

    Small diamonds seem to be more generally useful for getting actual
    work (sharpening, grinding, and - of course - beam scattering).

    | I'd like to know more about this "switch" thing. How do you know how
    | big a switch you need? And where can I get one?

    They come in three technological flavors: [1] manually operated
    mechanical switches, [2] electrically operated mechanical switches,
    and [3] electrically operated non-mechanical switches.

    Generally, I prefer the third type because they also perform the
    important task of protecting the fuses in my circuits - and many
    offer, beside "off" and "on", a range of "sorta" states.
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