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Surface mount cap

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Mjolinor, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. Mjolinor

    Mjolinor Guest

    I have a need to replace a capacitor, value 22,000pfd 1206 package 200v 10%

    I have a book of TDK samples but no data sheets and can't find the info on
    the TDK site, physical size isn't a problem but I would think 200 volts is.
    I don't have much experience of the working voltage of these surface mount
    devices but 200 volt seems high to me for the size so, question, does the
    1206 just refer to physical dimensions or does that specify the voltage as
    well. I have 2012 in the right value but it is much smaller and I have 1608
    which is a microscope job to even see it, will either of these do?
  2. Those numbers just refer to the size of the capacitor, in 0.01s of an
    inch. A 1206 part is .120 x .060 inches. 2012 would be .2 x .12 -
    huge as SMD capacitors go. 1608 is .16 x .08.

    Peter Bennett, VE7CEI
    peterbb4 (at)
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  3. Mjolinor

    Mjolinor Guest

    OK thanks, so presumably because the ones I have are smaller they won't
    stand the 200 volt I need, bummer. :)
  4. Mjolinor

    Mjolinor Guest

    I'll try that again and hope that crap I just wrote got deleted before it
    got anywhere :)

    Can't seem to make that fit. The 2012 caps are 75 thou by 50 thou by 25 thou
    which is much smaller than the 1206 that I need to replace. A full part
    number is C2012X7R1H223K, that is a 22,000 pF TDK cap, it makes no sense to
  5. That looks like a metric size code, giving the size in units of 0.1
    mm. 2012 metric is the same as 0805 imperial, so it is smaller than
    1206. 1608 metric is 0603 imperial.

    A quick look in a Newark catalog shows most SMD capacitors are 50 or
    100 volts, but Johanson makes some 500 volt caps in 1206 and larger

    Peter Bennett, VE7CEI
    peterbb4 (at)
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    GPS and NMEA info:
    Vancouver Power Squadron:
  6. Mjolinor

    Mjolinor Guest

    Well to be safe I put non-surface mount on temporarily and it still doesn't
    behave so that probably isn't the problem. I can't really go any further on
    a PSU that has two RS232 ports on it, I don't think I stand much chance.
    Thanks for the replies.
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