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Supplier of replacement motherboard caps in UK wanted...

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Phil Vossler, Nov 11, 2004.

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  1. Phil Vossler

    Phil Vossler Guest

    Following on from the "stolen electrolyte" fiasco...

    see "".

    We have a pile of p.c. motherboards and power supplies that have
    suffered from the swollen & leaky capacitor syndrome. We would like to
    be able to source replacement parts. Many of the components are 10mm and
    12.5mm diameter components of quite high values (e.g. 4700uF, 16V, 105
    degree C, 12.5mm dia) and these are unavailable from our usual
    suppliers, RS & Onecall (Farnell).

    Can anyone suggest alternative suppliers for these items (preferably
    based in the UK).


    Phil Vossler
    Electronics Workshop
    School of Physics
    University of Exeter
  2. Personally, I'd look through the Digi-Key catalogue in the US. They send
    'overnight' if the item is in stock. However the capacitor you describe is
    a vey unusual part. The 'standard' size for _minature_ 4700uF capacitors,
    is 16mm diameter. I think 12mm, might be available in the Panasonic 'FC'
    range. There have been a couple of ranges of smaller parts that have
    disappeared from the market in the last few months, so finding these may
    be hard. Most 'low ESR' capacitor ranges needed for switch mode supplies,
    are limited by the internal resistances of the plates themselves, and the
    leads, and so generally 2 off of a smaller capacitor will be used in
    parallel to reduce the ESR even more. As such ranges like the Sanyo OSCON
    capacitors, which offer a lot of capacitance in a small case, don't do
    sizes like this. Rapid electronics do the OSCON range, and may help for
    all but the biggest value units.
    It may well be that the failures have less to do with faulty electrolyte,
    than with trying to push components too far...

    Best Wishes
  3. I repair motherboards ...done thousands.. There is no commercial source,
    it's that simple.
    the only place to get these sizes and ratings are from other motherboards...
    I have spent hours to confirm this..
    When I scrap a board, I save the components, capacitors mosfet, chips, etc.
    for future use.
  4. Clarence_A

    Clarence_A Guest

    Top poster ---- PLONK!
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