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super capacitors

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by steve longman, Aug 19, 2003.

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  1. I need a couple of low-cost types to experiment with - around 1F to 2F.
    Anyone know of a UK source? so far all I've seen is reference to nuinTec a
    Korean (?) company which doesn't seem to have a UK outlet. BTW I'm speaking
    of the small, lightweight types used, for example, in RC model aircraft,
    etc. Can anyone help, please?
  2. I must be missing out somewhere. Searched Farnell earlier today and couldn't
    find the caps. No luck either when I put your code info into the search
    fields. I also looked through the capacitor section of their online cata
    and I couldn't see them there. So where am I going wrong?
  3. Edward Cit

    Edward Cit Guest


    Farnell sell some high capacity capacitors. They are called UltraCap and
    they come in the following sizes 8F, 100F and a massive 2700F. They are low
    voltage low 2.3VDC. If you goto and search for the
    following order codes you can see the details:


    Hope that helps,
  4. Very helpful. Thanks. I note they are still out of stock of the 10F type.
    This is the one I'll have to order as the 1F onehas very limited discharge
    current. Thanks again.
  5. ok, Edward, got em spotted on the RS site. Thanks.
  6. Edward Cit

    Edward Cit Guest

    RS Electronics have some 10F capacitors in stock. The web address is (a strange web address). Do a quick search for 377423 and
    you should find them. They should have other high capacitance capacitors as
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