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Suggestions for Thesis in Mixed Signal Design

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by confused soul, Oct 2, 2004.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am a Masters student in Electrical Engineering. I want to do my
    thesis in Mixed Signal Design. In my university, my advisor doesnt do
    any *research*, so he asked me to pick a topic for my master thesis
    myself. Can you guys please give me some hints or links from where I
    can start off on deciding my thesis.

    Thanks in Advance,
  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Um, what have you been doing for the last 5 years? Pick one of them.
    Maybe your weakest subject, and your thesis could be about self-improvement
    by RTFM or something. :)

    Good Luck!
  3. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

  4. YES!
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