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Suggestions for ideal 8 bit parallel ADC?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Lostgallifreyan, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Please can someone advise on a choice of 8 bit parallel ADC?
    So far I favour either of the first two here but there might be better.

    TLC0820A Texas Instruments
    ADC0820C National Semiconductor
    AD7820K Analog Devices
    ZN448 GEC Plessey (Zarlink?)

    I use a DC bypassed multichannel sound card as a source of software
    controlled analog signals. It is convenient to have a few TTL outputs for
    aux control driven by a spare channel, encoding 8 bits onto a wave of any
    bit depth, so that all I need to do is send the analog output full scale
    into an 8 bit parallel ADC to get 8 switches. Is one of these IC's ideal
    for this, or could I do better with something else? DIL type preferred, or
    similar in SMT considered. Whatever it is, it needs to run on 5V, be cheap
    and really easy to use.
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