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Suggestion wanted Schematic to PCB design software

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Clubsprint, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. Clubsprint

    Clubsprint Guest

    Would someone please sugest to me where I can source some free/shareware
    software that will help
    me create a PCB design from a Schematic?
  2. Wayne.

    Wayne. Guest

    ExpressPCB or PCBExpress, EagleCad - both have free/lite versions available.
  3. Protel AutoTrax for DOS is freeware.

  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Is it expresspcb or pcbexpress or both that tie you to them for manufacture ?

    Possibly no bad thing for hobby stuff anyway since you don't have to get
    involved in generating gerber and excellon drill files actually. You just email
    them your design and they automatically calculate the price for you actually you
    can do that before you send. Very simple software with few 'features' but I
    found one of them easy to use. Beware Fedex will charge you local taxes ex USA.

  5. James

    James Guest

    PCB Wizard is reasonably good and very easy to use. Component libraries
    arent the greatest though and the auto-route is pretty ordinary, manual
    component and copper placement will yeild a more pleasing result if you have
    plenty of time to spare.

  6. Wayne.

    Wayne. Guest

    ExpressBCP lets you run off the wire and silkscreens, but anything else
    needs to go through them.

    Eagle, from what I have read, it can do the lot and allow you do
    everything yourself.

    I have not used that part as yet, just the auto-router.
  7. cth

    cth Guest

    KiCad - Multiplatform (Win, MacOS & Linux), capable, free (as in beer)
    and actively maintained, good support on it's Yahoo group.
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