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Sudden Problem with TV

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by ginger72, May 18, 2007.

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  1. ginger72

    ginger72 Guest

    Hi - we have a Panasonic TV (approx. 10 years old) which we watch via
    a Sky satellite dish. Tonight while watching TV the picture suddenly
    went - black background with white 'patch'. The problem didn't seem to
    originate from the sat dish but the TV itself. The TV stanby light
    still comes on, but the TV itself won't actually work - all we can
    hear is a 'pulsing' noise which makes me think the problem could be
    power-based - perhaps a surge? (although nothing else was effected).
    Does anyone have any advice on what could have caused it and how we
    might fix the problem?

  2. b

    b Guest

    If you have standby the power supply is probably OK, i'd say as a
    guess a dry joint has finally gone, or some problem in the horizontal
    output has arisen. unless you generally know what you are doing with
    electronics your chances of fixing this are slim to none.
  3. ginger72

    ginger72 Guest

    I feared that it may be a fatal problem but hoped it might be
    something simple!
    Thanks for your advice, guess I'll have to look to buy a new one....
  4. Guest

    Sounds like a good summary, there just isnt enough info to know what
    it is.

  5. Guest

    Depends what you mean by a "white patch" sounds like it could be a
    frame fault, with DC on it, so its off the screen. Panasnic are in my
    view, one of the best TV's on the market. I have one (been in the
    trade 30 years!) but maybe it's time for a new one! and you would get
    a 12 monthys warranty! As to whether its worth repairing would dend to
    the state of the tube, but it's done well!

    If you want any further advice, contact me!

  6. Guest

    Who said it was a "fatal problem"..... it might make economical sense
    to have it repaired. At the very least take it to a repair shop for a
    repair cost estimate. A real live tech with real test equipment will
    have to open er up and do some real troubleshooting in order to
    determine what it will take to fix er up.... this can not be done on
    the phone or over the internet. You could be throwing away a
    perfectly good television, get an estimate before you toss it.
  7. b

    b Guest

    ginger72 ha escrito:
    Remember that there are some amazing bargains to be had (local small
    ads, freecycle etc) with CRT sets as people 'upgrade' (sic) to plasma
    or lcd. I know someone who got a 4 year old 32" panasonic for about
    60 pounds! It's a great time to buy, as people are sucked in by the
    need to have the latest piece of tat irrespective of the fact that
    most of the time what they're replacing outperforms it by a long

    On a related note, I would not invest in HD ready sets yet as by the
    time the transmissions start in earnest, most will probably under
    perform. A large quantity of supposed 'hd ready' sets can't actually
    produce the correct resolution or have to upscale with appalling
    impact on the image.
  8. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Why don't you have a service tech work on it? If the picture was ok before
    it failed then it should be economical to repair. Just because you can't fix
    something yourself doesn't mean you should dump it in a landfill and buy a
    new one.
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