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Substitutes for GSC T18C 1500uF 6.3V caps

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Andre Majorel, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Can someone recommend a subst for this 1500uF 6.3V electrolytic

    [RE] 105°C

    Radial pins, 200 mil pitch (apparently).

    This is for a Soltek SL-65KV2 motherboard that just died. Two
    caps swelled up and two others actually started leaking

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Dave Platt

    Dave Platt Guest

    Can someone recommend a subst for this 1500uF 6.3V electrolytic
    I'd probably recommend something like a Panasonic FC or FM series
    capacitor - 105-degree-C rated, designed for switching power supply
    I'd guess that's a 5 mm pitch?

    Panasonic FM series has a 6.3 WVDC 1500 uF cap, 10 mm diameter, 20 mm
    high, 5 mm lead pitch - their part number is EEU-FM0J152, Digikey
    part number P12343-ND, Digi-Key price $0.59 each.

    You might want to go up to a EEU-FM0J222L, P12344-ND at $0.61 each -
    same diameter, same pitch, same voltage, 2200 uF, 25 mm high.

    FC-series equivalents (not quite so good a set of ratings) are
    EEU-FC0J152 and EEU-FC0J222.
    Don't you just love having to suffer the consequences of somebody
    else's incompetent industrial espionage?
  3. Eh? If it was incompetent, then I'd think the epsionage would be
    unsuccessful. Maybe I'm clueless as to what you're referring to. In
    any case, nowadays, it's common for the MoBo to be replaced before any
    of the parts die.
  4. Yes, about 5 mm. Can't tell 5 mm from 5.08 mm with a ruler.
    Loving every minute of it. And there's more to come since there
    are at least a dozen more capacitors of the same manufacturer on
    that board.
  5. Dave Platt

    Dave Platt Guest

    Over the past few years, a whole bunch of motherboards, and other
    industrial and consumer-electronics devices, have died a premature
    death due to capacitor bloating and leakage. The lifetime of the caps
    involved seems to have been on the order of 1-3 years, depending on
    temperature and load - sometimes as little as six months. This is
    seriously annoying for motherboards (not everybody wants to replace
    'em after a year or two) and really annoying for network
    hubs/switches, 802.11 access points (both of my original-model Apple
    Airport base stations quit due to this problem), etc.

    The cause was incompetent industrial espionage. As I understand the
    story, somebody who had worked for a major capacitor manufacturer (in
    Japan) stole the formula for his employer's new capacitor electrolyte
    formulation, and sold it to competing manufacturers in Taiwan and
    China. The formula "as sold" (and possibly "as stolen") was
    incomplete... it didn't include some of the stability additives. Caps
    made with the incomplete electrolyte tend to self-destruct - the
    electrolyte begins outgassing, the caps swell up and go high-ESR and
    sometimes leak. has one
    version of the story.
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