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Sub circuit in Ltspice.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jamie, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    If I create a sub circuit in LTspice, will that circuit's content be
    exported with the main file or do I need to include that along with the
    I read the help file but it some what does not give me a fuzzy feeling..

  2. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    If you place the whole subcircuit text into your schematic as a SPICE
    directive then it is included. That's how I always do it. Typically to
    the left or below so clients have a choice of printing it out along with
    the schematic or not.

    Much better than needing two files or having to load library parts.
  3. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    What I meant is .SUBCKT in the input file. I've never had any speed
    issues, they load in a second or two. What does take forever is sims
    with gapped transformers in there, leakage inductance and all that. And
    then the office temp start to rise and rise and rise.

    I've got an Intel 1.6GHz dual core in there. Rumors have it that the
    Intel i7 could be almost twice as fast. Have you heard and confirmations
    in that direction?
  4. My cheap i3 laptop would sim circles around those, so $400. You could
    likely get an ATOM that would do it pretty fast too.

    Can't beat Costco sometimes. But better and cheaper is already out
    there too. Kinda wished I'd waited.

    But if you want *the best*, splurge and build your own machine with a
    new LG2011 socket W79 motherboard, and a superior EVGA vid card. It takes
    a while to build the box, PS, and get your HDs and Disc drives and fans
    first. THEN get the MOBO, CPU, and RAM. They get cheaper over time, so
    you buy those last.

    A good, hot, cutting edge build starts at around $2k and goes up from
    there. A dual Xeon could run $3k each just for the processors.

    Those build do hold *some* of their value though.

    My Atom runs circles around my old 486 EISA though, and I thought that
    was a hot box, and my Atom is a full computer for $300.
  5. It isn't "nice" if it doesn't have USB 3. also needs SATA 3, cause RAID
    5 on the old interface spec is no gain.

    $4k??? Supermicro saw you coming. Or the guy you got to build it for

    I'd go with an EVGA dual XEOM MOBO and fill it with 6 or 12 way (core
    pairs). Put all my money into the CPUs and MOBO. AMD mobos are all
    taking a hit these days, mainly because the idiots embraced and bought

    Supermicro makes dual CPU mobos. Oh boy. They have always been hugely
    overpriced and underfunctioned.

    EVGA makes MODERN dual CPU motherboards. Supermicro is like Dell. It
    is two year old technology the moment you buy it. With this, even more
    than 2 years.

    And the price difference is small enough that I stopped buying AMD 8
    years ago. Intel Mobos and CPUs scream.
  6. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Not just there. I have a ruggedized laptop (Gammatech Durabook) with an
    AMD Turion 64 that is at least five years old. In a Cypress training
    session where compile runs on PSoC code had to be done a lot it blew the
    socks off the other guys with their fancy and newer biz laptops. It
    always finished first, way earlier.

    The Atom on my netbook is different. That is boviously taylored towards
    fuel economy and SPICE sims take much longer.
  7. Am 07.10.2012 21:06, schrieb TheQuickBrownFox:
    I'm writing this in a hotel room in Delphi, Greece, on a 17 month old
    Dell Precision M6600 17" laptop. Nobody else had 6 GBit/s SATA, USB-3,
    16 or 32 GB RAM, Core I7 vpro and such a display at that time.
    I have replaced the iron disk first with a OCZ Vortex3 SSD and now both
    drives are 512 GB Samsung 830 SSDs. Plugged them in and they worked.
    Both the OCZ and the Samsungs give about 500 MBytes/s transfer rate
    in the laptop, about the same as a customer's CAD server monster RAID.
    LT spice performance is somewhat better than twice that of the server.

    I have not yet tried the two SSDs as a RAID-0.
    Plus, I'll be able to run CUDA code on the graphics card for
    software defined radio.

    So, please don't tell us that Dell is >2 years back.

    regards, Gerhard
  8. My video card does better performance than either.

    As CPUs go, the winner in that race would be, even after being four
    years old, the Cell CPU.

    I am sorry, but a 20 ms spice sim calculation and a 17 ms calc of the
    same sim is not enough to make me decide for the latter.

    I have a feeling that modern Intel CPUs beat AMD.

    THEN there is the chipset, and supporting Hdw thing too.
  9. Total horseshit.

    You have been eating moldy Rye bread.
  10. I'm sorry, but you do not now, nor will you ever have in the future, a
    sim circuit where the array requires a 32 GB RAM space to be ran in.

    What a ridiculous claim.
  11. And as far as bandwidth goes, the PCIe bus makes for fast, HUGE data
    transfers between video and main RAM as fast as it gets.

    They use video cards cores for protein modeling, and seti comm data
    parsing. I think they can handle a petty OR a complex circuit sim.
  12. Am 08.10.2012 00:40, schrieb Jim Thompson:
    It came with Win7, I now run Win7 / xubuntu 12.04 dual boot.
    Win7 is mostly ignored.

    Xilinx/Sigasi FPGA stuff runs natively under Linux, most other
    CAD runs in the same XP virtual box that I use at home on
    the workstation. Just 'import' a 50 Gig file to the
    virtual box. No ado with licenses. It _is_ the same machine.

    The C: partition contains ONLY installed programs; D: of the XP
    can be seen as D: on win7 and as /d on Linux.

    The machine has a drawback: it is quite heavy and can generate
    some heat if one asks for it.

    regards, Gerhard
  13. MrTallyman

    MrTallyman Guest

    Yeah, as shitty as the last two Ubuntu releases have been, I am sure you
    are spending most of your time learning their 'new' 100% pathetic,
    "Unity" 'desktop'.

    Biggest mistake they ever made. Good luck with that.

    XUBUNTU is far better.
    Big whoop. Under Linux the 'stuff' runs at whatever run time it takes
    to get it done.

    Under Windows 7, non-natively, it takes a whole 5 ms longer.
    Big deal.
    I laugh at some of the running around you dorks who "hate Windows" go
    out of your way to do. Absolutely pathetic.
    My machine has about 4TB of HD space, under about 15 partitions.
    Sounds like a pre-multi-core POS.
  14. JW

    JW Guest

    Somebody mentioned this a while back, but in case anybody missed it.

    It gives Windows 7 (or 8) a more XP like feel.
  15. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    Tell you what, let me get my racehorse running (3.6 GHz hex core, 16 GiB
    RAM, SSD) and we can do some timing tests. Not nearly as powerful as
    P.Hobbs fast box but should be plenty ok.

  16. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    For pretty much anyone here, that reduces to how much SPICE simulationsdo
    you run. If it is a lot, AMD based machines may still have an advantage.
    Otherwise not much difference, most anything since a 1.4 GHz P4 is
    overkill unless wasted away by the OS and Desktop.

  17. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    I presume you are aware you are talking to AlwaysWrong.

  18. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    I am presuming you installed the VM subsystem as required.
    It is starting to sound like it is time for VirtualBox w/ qemu or whatever
    else is needed.
  19. Am 08.10.2012 14:29, schrieb MrTallyman:

    reading problems??
    So what. My laptop has 1 TB of SSD. I win.

    And as much USB3-attached storage as I might want.
    And 2 external sata-3 ports.

    4 * 2 cores.
  20. MrTallyman

    MrTallyman Guest

    You sure do, you retarded little Zimmerman complex ridden bitch.

    snipped totally retarded Joe_Seph_KKK stupidity.

    You need to grow up, Joe_Seph_KKK. Your Nazi Stupidity is showing,

    The video card GPU engine would perform this task as well or better.

    As for the PC, I use ECC RAM. It is an old machine.

    Modern machines use DDR3 Quad arrays. Probably don't even need ECC.
    Certainly don't seem to have the time for it.

    Video cards have higher on-board memory bandwidth even than the slot
    they are plugged into, much less the PC RAM on the other side of that.

    Way faster. He mentioned bottlenecks. Put that in your brain domain,
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