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Stupid question ...

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Ian, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. Ian

    Ian Guest

    Ok newbie alert ...
    I've got an Adsl Router with NO on/off switch.
    I want to add a switch close up near router .
    The router uses a power adaptor that plugs into wall with a power jack
    that plugs into router.

    1: Can I use either wire (after adaptor) to put a switch into or do I
    have to find "live" or "neutral".
    2: Will any switch do ie: table lamp style or is that too "heavy" for
    the job.

    Any help/suggestion appreciated

    Cheer Ian
  2. Don Kelly

    Don Kelly Guest

    1) depends on how the adapter is wired. Probably OK either wire. Switch
    the wire to the center of the adaptor plug. However, your wall wart will
    still be energised and wasting energy. If you must switch then why not use
    a power bar and plug the wall wart and your computer, etc into it so all can
    be switched at once. If you simply want to block the network connection,
    your firewall should have this option.
    2)depends on the voltage/current rating of the adaptor. A tablelamp switch
    may work but a switch designed for DC will be better. Get a small automotive
  3. Ian

    Ian Guest

    Hi,thanks for the reply Don,

    No, what I want to be able to do is simply reset the router without the
    to pull the connector out of the back as its a in a bit of an awkward place
    to reach
    around to.
    It a D-Link DSL-504T router and it seems to "needs" to be reset every
    couple of days
    so hence the project ... DC switch it is then (o:

    Thanks again ... Ian

  4. Boozo

    Boozo Guest

    Yes you are correct.


  5. Owamanga

    Owamanga Guest

    Before getting the ole' soldering iron warmed up, check out firmware
    releases to see if they fix the problem:

    A quick check on google and it seems you aren't alone. My Linksys
    needed a firmware updgrade to prevent it's NAT tables filling up and
    over a few days strangling the router because inactive connections (or
    external attempts) were being tracked for 5 days instead of being
    dumped after a few minutes. Since moving to an unofficial version that
    let me specify the time-out it's been running for 4 months without
    needing a reboot.

    Peer to peer file sharing or using services such as Skype can create
    hundreds of connections in minutes, and if your router doesn't dump
    the NAT translations when they are old, it'll die trying to remember
    them all. Even without these loads, my Linksys's performance would
    drop to unacceptable levels after 2 or 3 days.

    Routers should be able to work 24/7 for many months without problems.
  6. Ian

    Ian Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've already got the latest UK firmware
    and have tried different methods to stop bottle-necking happening
    within the router settings .. still the same problem though. Yes I do use
    Peer to peer software but had no problem with a much cheaper router
    i had for 3 years prior to this one.
    So I'm waiting for new firmware that may fix this (I've seen a Russian
    FW with a more uptodate version number but am not to keen on
    trying that one just in case it mess's the router up.
    So its back to the switch idea for now (o:

    Many thanks


  7. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    if there's no electrical connection between the earth and either output wire
    you may switch either wire use either wire,
    (if there's no earth pin use either wire it makes no difference)

    otherwise you should probably check for an electrical connection between the
    output and earth...
    Yes, that'd be suitable. there are also dual pole swittches that will switch
    both wires, I'm not sure if table lamp switches are like that or not.

  8. Ian

    Ian Guest

    Cheers all info taken on board (o:

  9. A table lamp switch in the U.S. almost always switches only the "hi" side.

    Maybe a extension cord preferably with its own switch would be a quick and
    dirty answer as well as a safe one.

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