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student on electrical engineering ( question )

Discussion in 'Power Electronics' started by yann talbot, Nov 8, 2020.

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  1. yann talbot

    yann talbot

    Nov 8, 2020
    Hello I ask myself 3 questions on electrical engineering if someone would be kind enough to answer me in order to help me .
    . I wonder if the job of electrical engineer is more and more complicated over time ?
    . Also is that what we see during our studies is similar to what we do in the trade or are there differences ?
    . And finally is that the job of engineer is a pleasant job to do every day ?
  2. Martaine2005


    May 12, 2015
    I think your questions would depend on the courses you take and your personal ability. A pass grade can be a lot lower than a distinction for example.
    More complicated over time: Would again depend on your enthusiasm and ability. If you truly enjoy what you’re doing, you tend to keep up with changes and new/ different technologies therefore making it by definition easier for you.
    Studies similar: No way José. Real world jobs no matter what kind are completely different from the class room. Some are much better and some are much worse. Again, depends on what you like doing.
    Sitting at a desk designing, climbing ladders to install or crawling through mud in the rain to repair.
    Pleasant job every day: My experience with work is NOT to do the same mundane thing every day. That gets very boring very quickly and is soul destroying. Having the ability to design, build, test and repair makes every day different. A lovely day.
    These are my own personal opinions and others will have theirs.
    You will have to experience it in order to have yours.
    Good luck in what ever direction you choose.

    Edit: I am not an electrical engineer but the examples I gave apply to all trades.

  3. Nanren888


    Nov 8, 2015
    Electrical engineer, electronics (light current) , signal processing, Machine learning

    . I wonder if the job of electrical engineer is more and more complicated over time ?
    About the same. IT's been wonderfully rich the whole time.
    Some aspects easier: Electronics has become easier, a lot more standardisation, even if more standards to choose from.
    Some aspects more complicated: The human aspect. In recent times the world has become one where opinion is often rated more highly than being correct. So I find now more terrible designs promoted as great. Much of the world has lost sight of what engineering is about "fit for purpose". IT generally means enegineer is more important than ever, but appreciation for it varies significantly with region & application area.

    . Also is that what we see during our studies is similar to what we do in the trade or are there differences ?
    Depends. Some study courses are very broad, some narrow.
    I work in an organisation that does contract R&D. Many of those who have worked there came from other jobs where they did the same specification, selection work day after day. They specified systems, they selected systems from suppliers. The ones who left found this monotonous and tedious and sought more variety.
    Others I have known found fullfillment in the creation that goes with that same work. Engineers who road-tripping on holidays could pass a power station and say "I designed that: It works well." Some were known to then take their ever-patient families on little tours of such installations. These guys often have more money than I do.
    For me, more likely is to see someone in the news & be able to say "No one knows that I helped make him rich" :)

    I've worked thirty-something years.When I started we, the electrical engineering faculty, & the computer science faculty (not the students) were the only ones with computers. We owned them. Electronics were expensive, custom. Software was done on ones hands and knees, painfully slowly, much in assembler on 8-bit micro-processors, or smaller, or huge mainframes. Now, I toss a wide choice of modules at edge machine learning.
    The maths? Use it every day.
    Your training? Use it. Prepare for change. You're always be being offered new opportunities with new technologies.

    . And finally is that the job of engineer is a pleasant job to do every day ?
    The organisation I work for does contract R&D. Some short jobs, some long ones. We have many different disciplines. This means the work is varied. From underwater ultrasound to neonatal EEG to industrial control. That has been interesting. The role is to fill whatever gap the customer has, to connect the dots, no matter how far apart they are. For me the need to continuously acquire the knowledge required to do this is something that keeps me amused.
    I have often worked in teams. A joint sense of creation works for me. Oftentimes the work can be challenging, but the team can make it worthwhile.

    The other questions: Perhaps ones you're yet to ask: Some of these come with dependents.
    Advancement? It depends on area & the role you take. In some areas, you only advance by changing roles. Some opt for well-paid self-employment. Some move to design, architect, management. Some enjoy delivery through others. Some just enjoy smoothly running teams and being paid well for it.
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