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Strong Portable FM Transmitter

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Christian K, Sep 16, 2003.

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  1. Christian K

    Christian K Guest

    So here is my vision: Riding my bicycle with my Ipod while
    transmitting it on an FM frequency so that those I am riding with can
    pick up my station clearly with their portable FM radio. I believe
    all I need to do is get a mini-jack splitter and a quality portable FM

    The question is: What portable FM transmitter would be strong enough
    for another bicycle rider within 20 feet (in motion) could pick up a
    clear signal on a cheap fm radio?

    I do not believe the iROCK! 300W FM Transmitter would be powerful
    enough. The C. Crane: FMT-FM Transmitter 70ft Wireless Audio Transfer
    sounds like it might be upto the task but I am still concerned about
    the size, battery life, and signal strength and price a little too.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    (Yes, I know riding with a radio can be slightly dangerous and maybe
    illegal...but not if one is super-careful and not anymore than a 35
    mile an hour headwind...thanks for your concern)

  2. valhalla

    valhalla Guest

    300 milliwatts should be more than enough. Even a few milliwatts should
    work over a distance of 20 feet, given a reasonable transmitting antenna.

    What's a reasonable transmitting antenna? It's hard to beat the good old
    1/4-wave. I can see you now, with an 18" whip sticking up from your
    helmet (you do wear a helmet, right?) Your body and bike should provide
    enough of a groundplane, but if you want to add some 12" radials to your
    helmet just for effect, go for it! ;-)

    | Liberadio forever! |
  3. valhalla

    valhalla Guest

    Oops... make that more like about 30" for 1/4 wave. Maybe not entirely
    practical on the helmet. ;)

    | Liberadio forever! |
  4. Underpasses will be ok but watch out for trees.
  5. "Valhalla" has the right idea here. I don't know if you can hook an
    external antenna to the iRock unit, but even if you can't you should be
    able to share the tunes over such a short distance.

    I would suggest, though, that regarding the headphones you opt only to
    use mono rather than stereo and only use a single-ear device. It's the
    law in motor vehicles and it's just plain common-sense safe for cyclists
    (and pedestrians, too). You HAVE to be able to hear the traffic around
    you, unless you're perhaps on a closed track where it's just bicycles
    and no vehicles or pedestrians.


    -- //Steve//

    Steve Silverwood, KB6OJS
    Fountain Valley, CA
  6. Jon

    Jon Guest

    Maybe you could put up a longer whip and disguise it as one of those flag
    poles for kids bikes. You would, of course, look like a dork... :)

  7. Gregg

    Gregg Guest

    Behold, Jon signalled from keyed 4-1000A filament:
    And this concerns a true geek, how?

  8. Jon

    Jon Guest

    Hey, I only know about those whip flag poles for kid's bikes because I had
    one... :)

  9. valhalla

    valhalla Guest

    Well, there ya go, see. You're cool. We all had those on our bikes!

    Look like a dork? Pah.

    | Liberadio forever! |
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