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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], May 12, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hi, I am trying to make a strobe light circuit that has 2 lights, and
    flashes one side twice then the other side twice... (LL RR LL RR) sort
    of like the strobes behind police car grilles. Can anyone help me with
    this, maybe even a schematic or some sort of starting point?

  2. Guest

    Supply voltage? Current to feed each led? How many LEDs. Series?
    Parallel? Can it glitch the LEDs?

    You could make a simple state machine to flash the LEDS, but do cop
    cars really flash twice? Don't they simply alternate, i.e. L R L R?
  3. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Everybody say...PIC ucontroller!
    Off the top of my head for the trigger pattern....
    4017 and 2 OR gates to trigger the double blink strobe 1 then double
    blink strobe 2.

    D from BC
  4. Guest

    I never say PIC!

    Assuming glitches are not a problem, cascade two divide by two (i.e. D
    ff fed with QB). Clock CK divided by two produces signal A. Signal A
    divided by two produces since B and B bar.

    ---- --- ---- ---- ---- -----
    CK-----| |---| |----| |-----| |------| |-----|

    -------- ---------
    ---------- ----------
    A ----| |-------| |---------|

    B ----|
    |------------------| |------------

    --- --- ---- -----
    B*CK --| |-----| |-----------------------| |-----|

    ---- ----
    BB*CK------------------| |-----| |----------------------
  5. Donald

    Donald Guest

    The OP never said LEDs.

    But the OP needs to say if this needs to be battery operated or can use
    a power transformer.

    The size and voltage requirements of the strobes would be nice.

    How much on time and off time would be the least he could offer.

    So, OP, what is it you are trying to do here.

  6. Guest

    Most cop cars use LED for the lights.
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