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"Stripboard Magic" program?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Fred Newton, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. Fred Newton

    Fred Newton Guest

    Several years ago I downloaded a handy freeware program called
    "Stripboard Magic".

    After you edited in your cicuit, it would produce a graphical
    illustration of optimal component layout and links for standard
    "stripboard" (Veroboard).

    I heard the supplier is no longer active. Can anyone tell me where I
    can find a copy to download, etc., or perhaps zip one to me?

  2. Stripboard Magic can still be found via Google - for example :

    I found Stripboard Magic so useless that I wrote my own stripboard layout
    program, called VCAD.

    VCAD lets you simply place components, or you can import a netlist from
    Protel or TinyCAD etc and do a full connectivity checked layout.

    Its freeware - I use it a lot - and development continues.

  3. I read in that Roger Lascelles
    Agreed entirely.
    I will try it out ASAP, and TinyCAD as well.
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