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Strange Screws

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Please, do not use Reply-To addresses in attribution lines. Get a decent newsclient, or change your attribution line, like everyone
    Who says.
    Only if the sector is readable with retries.
    Unrecoverable read error bad sectors are only reallocated on writes.
  3. It was, until you gave it attention.
  4. Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis Guest

    I assure you, trn 4 is a decent news reader, and substituting in the Reply-To for
    From: is actually the right thing to do if the attribution line is to have anything
    in it resembling the followup'd to user's address.

    Spammers aren't stupid enough to ignore Reply-To headers - in fact, smart
    ones would be scraping them in _preference_ to From: headers.

    And those that scrape the whole message (which is why you're worried about
    my attribution, right?) will scrape the reply-to _too_. So, you're shooting
    yourself in the foot far more than the occasional followup from someone
    using reasonable newsreader attribution defaults like me.

    If you want to avoid Usenet scrapers, you need to not mention your real
    email address AT ALL, or munge it.

    Eg: "folkertdashrienstra (at)", or "".

    Reply-To is not a useful approach for evading Usenet email address scrapers.
    If you don't want to get it scraped, _don't_ imagine that Reply-To will hide it.
  5. Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis Guest

    The Lee Valley catalog has a variety of rare earth magnets from 1/4" to
    1" in diameter. The 3/8 & 1/2" ones are great for fridge magnets.

    The 1" ones are used for cargo strap tie-downs, which should give you
    an idea of how strong they are. Need special techniques for prying
    two of them apart. If they're allowed to come together unrestrained,
    they _will_ chip and throw chunks. I wouldn't want to get a small
    fold of skin between two of those!

    [I have 5 of them, I just haven't gotten around to making the separation
    jig yet.]
  6. Arno Wagner

    Arno Wagner Guest


  7. Arno Wagner

    Arno Wagner Guest

    Careful! Outlawing stupidity, while highly desirable, would lead to

  8. Arno Wagner

    Arno Wagner Guest

  9. Obviously not if it is straying from standard practice.
    No, it is not.
    Nonsense. Obviously Reply-To is for replying-to/following-up.
    Contributor attribution has nothing got to do with follow-up.

    Any decent news/email client automatically uses the Reply-To from the header
    if you choose email reply (reply to sender) and reverts to From: if it is empty.
    No point whatsoever to use it in attribution lines.
    Any news/email client that relies on attribution lines for replies is obviously broken.
    Practice says different.
    Wrong. I don't want my Reply address used in bodies.
    Nope, it is you who is shooting me in the foot.
    If it was reasonable every other newsreader would use it. Guess what.
    Or use that what was intended to use and isn't normally used in usenet bodies
    (not the header).
    I told you not to use my Reply addres in usenet messages and here you
    go again. It's bloody obvious how to undo the spamtraps from that.
    I don't imagine, you are. I just see what happens in practice.
  10. Dan Lanciani

    Dan Lanciani Guest

    | In article <[email protected]>,
    | says...
    | >
    | >
    | >
    | > > If you want to buy Torx Plus tools you must, in theory anyway, be a
    | > > legitimate user as defined by Textron although if you know anyone who
    | > > works with them they should be pretty easily obtained at the cost of a
    | > > case of beer. ;-)
    | >
    | >
    | >
    | Doesn't appear to include 5-pointed Torx, only 6-pointed.

    How about this:

    (The SK84231 set is available from many sites, but this one had a short URL.)

    Dan Lanciani
    [email protected]*com
  11. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    Not correct.
    Also not correct. But you seem impervious to logic, so I'm done.
  12. I'd have to side with Odie here. About 15 'years' ago I pulled apart an (now)
    old 85meg RLL hard drive because the auto park wouldn't release. This was on
    the kitchen table & that drive is still working today .... you'd think it would
    have just plain worn out by now.

    I noticed it had filters inside it to clean the air moving inside it so I expect
    it was all clean again within seconds if not minutes of firing up again.

    The 'new' drives I've pulled apart for the magnets seem to have the air filters
    as well although I'd expect today's technology to be less tolerant to dirty air
    what with the amount of data that they pack into the smaller space but I still
    wouldn't expect it to die in "a few days or weeks".

  13. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Yes I've gotten nasty blood blisters on several occasions. Take apart
    any 3.5" hard drive and pull the magnets out, they'll stick to each
    other very strongly. If you can find an old 5.25" SCSI drive you'll
    likely find even bigger magnets.
  14. J. Clarke

    J. Clarke Guest

  15. J. Clarke

    J. Clarke Guest

    Examine that filter carefully and you will find that its primary function is
    to filter the tiny amount of air moving through the pressure-equalization
    hole and that there is no mechanism by which all or any significant portion
    of the air circulating inside the capsule can be made to pass through it.
    It dies as soon as something hard enough to scratch the platter or head and
    small enough to get wedged between them finds its way into that space.

    In the real world people have tried this, and the drives typically died in
    anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.
  16. Rob B

    Rob B Guest

    ok curiosity has the better of me , i have several pandora drives stuffed in
    a box, couple of old 420 mb scsi out of old sun classics some old 180 -
    1.2GB drives lying around, i will be going on the magnet hunt shortly. too
    bad i just recently dumped an old 1 GB 5 1/2 full height scsi out of old
    HP/UX box it made a great desk anchor
  17. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Every single time I've ever had a hard drive clicking it was caused by a
    failure of the drive, I've never even heard of it caused by those other
    issues, with the exception being a couple of early very hot running 10K
    rpm drives. Bad drive is 99% the reason.
  18. Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis Guest

    What standard? trn set _the_ standard for more years than your newsreader
    has existed or you have been posting to Usenet.

    There is no standard on attribution lines. Indeed, the only comments
    on this topic I've been able to google say _exactly_ what trn is doing -
    reply-to if present, From otherwise.
    Funny, in the 20+ years I've been posting on Usenet (largely to groups specific
    to Usenet, Email and anti-spam standards, operations and practise), and the 10s
    of thousands of postings I've made to Usenet, you're the first to suggest it's wrong.
    I don't think someone who uses Outlook as a newsreader should be lecturing
    anyone on newsreader "practise", let alone lecturing _me_ on spammer practises...

    Perhaps Outlook's braindamage leads you to believe that spammers can't see

    I assure you, spammers don't do this by hand. They use specialized
    NNTP clients, and scan _everything_ in the message - headers, bodies,
    everything. Valid Reply-tos are vastly more blaringly obvious than
    arbitrary hand munging.

    Any spammer with enough neurons to be able to
    write a generalized demunger is sure going to notice

    If you don't want your email address scraped, don't include
    it in the posting.
  19. Arno Wagner

    Arno Wagner Guest


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