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Strange Screws

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. Guest

  2. RP

    RP Guest

    At any decent hardware or home supply store. It's called a Torx screw.
    Typically an allen wrench will work just fine in the absence of a Torx
    screw driver.

  3. Tony Hwang

    Tony Hwang Guest

    Also tight fitting blade screw driver will do it too.
  4. RP

    RP Guest

    As long as you don't care to ruin the tip. But I've used a flat blade on
    many an occasion :)

  5. RP

    RP Guest

    I should've looked!
    In that case a dremel tool might be in order. A good stout drill bit and
    a rethreader afterward :)

  6. Hmmmm why do you want to open the case of the drive? If you open it
    outside a class 1 clean room, the drive WILL die.

    Or are you talking about the drive mounting screws?

  7. Odie Ferrous

    Odie Ferrous Guest

    Perhaps the drive already *is* dead.

    Don't overestimate clean rooms - they contain 100 particles per cubic
    meter as opposed to an "average" room containing 600 particles. A
    "clean" "average" room will contain far less than the 600 particles.

    For what it's worth, I've had a drive running non-stop for over a week
    without its cover (platters exposed) and haven't had any hiccups. This
    hype about "clean rooms" is a load of drivel.

    There are those who will say "if you get one single particle of dust on
    your platters, your drive will be irretrievably damaged."

    Bollox. And bollox to FR, who will no doubt disagree.

  8. The Torx drivers sold in hardware have six points, and this monstrosity has
    five. Of course, it is designed to be a bastard conifguration, and you can't
    get the driver for it.

    As the other fellow suggested, try slotted jewlers screw drivers, sometimes
    you can get one to wedge in just right.


    Christopher A. Young
    You can't shout down a troll.
    You have to starve them.

    Also tight fitting blade screw driver will do it too.
  9. Handi

    Handi Guest

    I'd dare to guess that if this fellow doesn't recognize a Torx screw
    that he isn't aware that he should never open a hard drive.

    Torx screws are seldom used for no other purpose then to keep the prying
    eyes of consumers from sensitive stuff. Thats why they're used in

    My son has actually opened a defective laptop hard drive before and
    amazingly it still functioned, for only a short time. Now its a

  10. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    Bzzzt! Thanks for playing. That's _not_ a Torx screw. Torx screws are
    six-pointed, not five-pointed as described and shown.
  11. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller Guest

    I guess you can't recognize one either. :) What he has is not a Torx screw.
  12. Jim Elbrecht

    Jim Elbrecht Guest

    I'm not sure now if it was Radio Shack or Sears-- but I bought a <$20
    set that has about a dozen tips for jeweler's sized unusual screw
    heads. There are a couple Torx Plus tips in there & I've taken apart
    a bunch of hard drives with them. [I've been taking them apart to
    play with the magnets--- not as strong as I expected in the newer

    Curiosity got the best of me-- this isn't my set, but Sears has this
    18pc set for $20;
    Sears item #00941709000 Mfr. model #63518
    [no torx plus but a T6, T7, T8, & T9 size Torx]

    Ah -- Here it is- Radio Shack, $15
    Model: 64-2973
    Catalog #: 64-2973
    Kronus 20-Piece Electronics Bit-Driver Set

    1 x Ergonomic Anti-Static Handle
    4 x Slotted Bits (2, 2.5, 3, and 4mm)
    2 x Phillips Bits (#00, and #0)
    5 x Torx Bits (T-6, T-7, T-8, T-9, and T-10)
    3 x Hex Bits (1.5, 2, and 2.5mm)
    2 x POZI Bits (#00, and #0)
    3 x Hex Round Ball Bits (1.5, 2, 2,5mm)
    1 x Plastic Carrying Case

    Especially for such an inexpensive set is is pretty well built except
    for the cheap plastic case.

  13. Cough! I said class 1 not class 100!

    Sure a drive will function for a while with the case off, but it will die
    soonish (maybe a few days or weeks, but it will die).

    If OTOH all you are doing is extracting the magnets from old drives - then
    go right on ..

  14. The same to you.
    Yes it is, as someone else showed from the Wiha page.
  15. DT

    DT Guest

    Well, having managed a real clean room , you are way off base. First of all,
    the particle count is per cubic foot. Clean rooms are classified by
    the sustained particle count averaged around the entire room.

    The average count in a typical home/office/light industrial room is about
    500,000 particles per cubic foot, and the particlas are quite large (several
    microns or tens of microns).

    The first level of clean room we define is a class 100,000. This isn't a real
    hard level to achieve and can sometimes be done without real expensive HEPA
    filters if the working conditions are clean enough. The Space Shuttle high bay
    room is maintained at class 100,000 (my experience is with NASA).

    The next level is a class 10,000, which certainly requires a high level of
    filtering and monitering with special clothing for the occupants. Next comes a
    class 1000 which is getting serious. You are into laminar flow air systems and
    special training for the people.

    Computer chips are assembled in class 100 or even class 10 (!) rooms, since a
    single particle can ruin a product. At this level, even the way you move can
    disturb the room's particle count. Everyone is trained to move slowly and be
    aware of where the downwash from the airflow over your body goes.

    By this level, the particle size is usually measured at a much smaller,
    sub-micron level also. A single small tear in a HEPA filter can take the room
    out of spec for quite some time, requiring a long, slow damp swabbing of all

  16. Rob B

    Rob B Guest

    you could contruct a clean box to stifle the clean room naybobs

    somewhere, (i am looking for link in my encyclopedic favorites), on web
    there was a design plan for clean room box involving a sturdy cardboard box
    , spray contact cement, largish HEPA filter, shop vac, heavy ~ 5mil clear
    plastic, duct tape then some spray either anti-static or water mist ? can't

    well most could probably figure out how this stuff was used the only trick
    was purging of contaminates when it was exposed when opening the box
  17. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    If the screw only has FIVE sides instead of SIX like a Torx,then maybe it
    should be Torx-MINUS. :cool:

    (warning;humor attempt)
  18. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Or you could grind down an Allen wrench to have 5 sides.
  19. Dan Espen

    Dan Espen Guest

    In my opinion, someone should be arrested for using these things.

    Do a google search for 'star screwdriver computer'.
    You'll get lots of hits.
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