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Strange !!! Playstation 2

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by JBH, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. JBH

    JBH Guest

    I have a slim PS2 - SCPH 70006 (a modified one) I bought few months
    back and been using the "backup disc" for few months including dragon
    ball and winning eleven.

    Alll of a sudden, it cannot read disc. I took to the repairman, and he
    said that the optical head aging and not have enough light. He replaced
    the head. It "worked" again.

    BUT , I could not really play the Dragon Ball disc as before. In the
    last 20 tries, I can play 3-4 times only, other all "unable to read
    disc". For the other like Winning Eleven, it is noraml.

    I am trying to fix it. BUT... few question I cannot answer.

    If during the first failure, it is really due to the aging optical
    head, why it broke down so sudden. As the repairman said the light is
    not strong enough. I expect I should experience some problems before it
    became faulty. It was really a sudden thing when I became fautly, no
    previous malfunction at all.

    The second thing is that why it can read the "backup" Dragon Ball from
    time to time initially. But now it basically cannot read it at all for
    the most recent last trials.

    Any master can answer my questions ??!!

  2. I may be wrong but with the original PS1 occasionally the Laser would
    go out of alignment. THis would create problems similar to those you
    are getting.
  3. Guest

    You want to return it to the repair outfit and get him to fit a proper laser
    unit and not one of the cheapo ones you can get for $10. If he has fixed it
    and it still won't read, then it his fault. You shouldn't be poking about in
    it as the guy might refuse to do anything about it. The lasers are notorious
    for failing, some "techs" just up the voltage a little but this is a quick
    fix, it waers the laser out quicker so it only lasts a few months
  4. Guest

    Sounds a bit like your 'backups' have some sort of bit rot or damage.
    Get a new copy.
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