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Strain Gages, Sources of

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by gmv, Sep 30, 2003.

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  1. gmv

    gmv Guest


    Does anyone know a good source for strain gages ?

    I just want a strain gage and not the electronics
    everyone tries to sell with it.

    I checked Google and could find only one supplier
    and the prices were all too high.

    I am experimenting with the idea of using a strain gage
    as a seismic sensor and need a cheap source of parts.
    Used parts are A-OK.

    I figure you might be able to simply support a mass
    upon a strain gage somehow then extract the signal
    down to the noise grass then look for seismic signals.

    Any ideas here are welcome.
  2. You can use guitar strings or any other wire as a strain gage. Any
    arrangement that stresses the wire to less than its elastic limit will
    work pretty well. I have heard of open wire strain gages strung
    across faults to measure small slow movements. Usually they fold the
    wire double, so that it forms a flat loop that is more immune to
    magnetic interference.
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