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Stoplamps Wiring

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I tried asking this question in sci.electronics.basics with no luck.
    Maybe someone can help me understand my wiring diagram for a truck's
    stoplamps. Here are the posts so far. Thanks.
    July 18, My response

    I believe you misunderstood my question. I know that the stoplamps
    are fed always hot power through the Stoplamp Switch. However, when
    the switch is activated, that power is routed through the Turn/Hazard
    Switch Assembly, which determines which stoplamps can illuminate. The
    CHMSL is the exception, which can illuminate independent of the Turn/
    Hazard Switch. The diagram shows though that when the hazard switch
    is on, the stoplamp circuit is broken. But when I apply the brakes
    with the hazard lights on, the dash turn indicators cease to blink.
    Instead, they illuminate continuously until I release the brakes and
    they begin blinking once again. Thus, at the rear it would appear
    your stoplamps were on and at the front brighter parking lamps. Do
    you agree the diagram is incorrect? If so, how should the diagram
    appear to make me understand why "all" the hazard lamps freeze "on"
    with the brakes applied (i.e. what was Haynes' error?)? Also,
    wouldn't you agree that there are several more errors to the Turn/
    Hazard Switch Assembly? Look at the turn signal power input to the
    assembly. It doesn't get routed to all the right places.
  2. David Lesher

    David Lesher Guest

    Is this STILL the case? I thought this lunacy, which was SOP for Detroit
    since 4-way flashers were introduced, had finally been ixnayed by NHTSA
    or such.

    Imported cars always used separate filaments for brake and turn.
  3. Nope. The idiots in Detroit still manage to save a few pennies by
    combining functions into one lamp.

    Note to the OP: Why not re-post your question on Someone
    there might have more detailed experience on how things work (s.e.d is
    more about electronics and design issues, not NHTSA regs and ancient
    Detroit traditions). While you are at it, ask about red vs amber rear
    turn signals and start a religious war over there. ;-)
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