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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by DaveK, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. DaveK

    DaveK Guest

    I have a stop watch that has a LCD screen witch I would like to
    increase the size for easier viewing. The stop watch uses a LR44
    1.5vdc button battery. On the board that makes contact with the LCD
    are a number of contacts/pads. Along the bottom are 15 contact points
    and along the top are 12. The 12 are spaced the same as the bottom but
    obviously have missing pads. Looking at the board, from left to right,
    there are 6 contacts a space (missing contact point) 1, space, 2,
    space 3. I don't much about the LCDs , so I don't even know if this
    info is helpful in determining the use of a lager one.

    I bought and buildt a working display through Furturlec awhile back
    and am not sure if it would work with this application. The specs are
    as follows:

    3.5 Digit LCD Display Module
    This simple to build and operate 3.5 Digit LCD Module, is ideal as a
    display for many parameters, including voltage, current, temperature,
    pressure etc. It accepts a single-ended input, so is ideal to fit into
    a larger system requiring a display function. Input voltage extends
    down to -2.0V and up to +2.0V, for a display of -1999 and +1999
    respectively. Decimal points and "LO BAT" indication can be easily
    turned on through a +5V supplied to the digital inputs for these
    points. The module operates from a single +5V supply and no negative
    supply is required. A backlight can also be fitted and installed as
    required. (Please Note: The backlight is not included in the standard
    kit, but can be purchased separately). Detailed instructions are
    · Operates from a Single +5V Supply
    · Suitable for Single-Ended Input
    · Input Range: -2.0V - +2.0V

    There are 40 pin on the display that go into the board 10 on top and
    10 on bottom. I'm still looking for the directions that they sent me.
    Would this work? If so, how would I need to hook it up. (I'm very
    familiar with reading schematics). If not, is there anything else out
    there that would or is this way to much work or impossible to do?
    Any information would surely be appreciated.

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