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STK 361 weaker IC as power amp than LA 4440 STK 361, Amplifier

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by cozz in or out, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Hi ,
    i dreamt of a good poer amp for long and found circuit that tells
    360W amp
    had input for all like tuner ,cd etc

    I hv assembled it .however after running the power amp with some
    i was surprized to see that the AMP is very weak ..
    it needed 15a-0-15a supply ..that cosed 20% more

    whole amp kit costed 40% more ...finally I to discover that it is v
    as compared to kits with 4440 ICs ..

    Is STK 361 weaker IC as power amp than LA 4440 ,please coment ..
  2. Guest

    do you have a power supply that can provide at least 720 W? Class AB
    amplifiers are only 50% efficient or so, so you'll need to provide
    double the juice it needs from your power supply.
  3. thanks ,
    360 w PMPO that was the title of the circuit published in
    'Electronics for you ' magazine ...STK 361 is some 25 or 50w rms
    chip i think ..
    Is the power supply that might be the cause ??
    the Amp was running fine ...amplifying but But very poor Output.....

    (i hope a power supply *stronger* than normal PSs of 12-0-12 3 Amp LA
    LA4440 based amps should be sufficient ])
  4. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Neither are even remotely anywhere near 360W ! You should be able to see that
    from the power supply voltage ! - it's 19W

    The magazine is LYING.

  5. that 360 PMPO wattage is a marketig term i know .... u can see SONY
    6000w music system being sold in nearby show room ..which takes 40-80w
    power while running ... :)

    but the query still remains unanswered ... why is STK 361 is giving
    weak output ..than LA 4440 [i know LA4440 gives sufficient amount of
    output for normal home use ..i wanted a more powerful AMP ...and ended
    up with STK 361]..

    i have heard that STK 361 is used with SONODYNE soundsystems....must
    be having good power inside ....
  6. Guest

    I think you should try on KIA6216H ICs, May be it gives you better
    result .

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