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Stinky paper and stinky ink :)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    There is a bad smell coming from the area near my couch... next to the couch
    is a table with envolopes and other papers on it... the papers are from
    goverment/banks/ads/commercial and god knows what else...

    And boy ! Those papers and envolopes sure stink bad !

    Like burned shit, like burned sigarettes !

    I fricking hate it/dislike it !

    Now I have to go clean that table up somewhat because it's fokking stinky...
    like a diesel bus engine pipe gasses/output.

    Yakkie !

    Who the frick invents a printer that makes stinky ass fart shit smell ?! ;)

    HP ?!? Hidious Pooo ?

    Can something be done about the stinky poo like shit paper ink ?!?

    Thankkkksss ! ;) =D


    I can envision a new printer term for the future:

    "Odorless printing for your enjoyment ! " ;):)

    "No longer use stinky shit... no longer produce stinky shit"

    "Use our latest and greatest printers and ink for nice fresh air !"

    And please don't add parfume to it... that would bit shit... camouflaging it
    ! no way man ! ;) :)
  2. Orac

    Orac Guest

    **** off.
  3. Hmm..

    I think what is different from other situations is that my PC is running at
    medium fan speed... I was too lazy to set it to low speed.

    Result: air from far away being sucked towards me :(

    Gonna set it to low again to see if that helps... it should ! ;) :)

  4. Orac

    Orac Guest

    Are you sure it isn't air escaping your head?
  5. Poor little cry baby...

    But if you was bored like me a little bit, then I have something to brighten
    up your life and your day...

    Euhm... you don't have this from me... but somehow... somewhere... this
    ended up on my PC and I have absolutely no idea how that happened:

    Now I am going to P-L-A-Y it ! ;) :)

    Skybird ! ;) =D
  6. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    Go see a nose doctor.
    Or a troll repair centre.(<www.trollrepair.fairyland>)
  7. Orac

    Orac Guest

    Sky is the most well known troll in Holland. We all hate him because he
    gives us a bad name. :-(
  8. Guest

    He fits in well with JanP and Slowman.
  9. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    I would have never seen this stupid post if you didn't respond to
    dumbfucks stupid post.

    PLEASE do not feed stark **** (this troll) !!!!!!

    Thank you

  10. (Angry birds)

    It's pretty amazing how I almost had the same characters in a very tiny
    little game in dos in 1994 or something...

    Coincidence ? Inspired by my dos game/screenshot ? Who knows ;)

    Mine was top down though... and just two characters and shooting each other

    If you had told me back then that this game concept would be downloaded like
    millions of times I would have said you 100% out of your mind ;)

    And yet here we are 16 years later and it's being downloaded like crazy ! ;)

    I have that old game somewhere still and could show the intro screenshot...
    but what's the point...

    I could remake that game and then top down... maybe I should just for the
    fun of it ! ;) :)

    But then nobody will probably believe that it's actually a remake of an old
    dos game ! HAHAHA ! =D

    Except a few people who saw it back then ;)

    My title also had the word "bird" in it and something else... but I am not
    gonna reveal what because it's kinda shamefull ;) :)

    Skybuck :)
  11. Orac is a real troll though...

    Sometimes he can be funny... but now he's just being a meany ! ;) :)

    Skybuck :)
  12. Are you sure you not a woman ?

    It seems you have some bad mood swings there ! ;)

    Skybuck =D
  13. JW

    JW Guest

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