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Stereo Phone Call

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by KellyClarksonTV, Nov 23, 2004.

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  1. Today I called a friend of mine on two lines to talk in Stereo. Has anyone on
    this board ever done something like that?
  2. Xrayjuan

    Xrayjuan Guest

    That is not stereo, you are hearing the same sound from two sources, stereo
    is separate sounds.
  3. Dbowey

    Dbowey Guest

    Xrayjaun supposed:

    << That is not stereo, you are hearing the same sound from two sources, stereo
    is separate sounds.

    The "same sound" picked up from two microphones and heard in two receivers or
    speakers, *is* stereo.

    Many years ago, when things were slow on the night-shift I used to set-up calls
    back to myself using a long-distance testboard so I could hear the delay in my
    voice. That's an extreme (echo) stereo effect.

  4. Aplin17

    Aplin17 Guest

    Could you please give me a stereo phone call? The numbers are 724-733-1992 and
  5. Aplin17

    Aplin17 Guest

    By the way how many speakers are required to produce a "live" audio? (so you
    can't differentiate if you're hearing it live or if its a recording) My guess
    is infinitely many, but not sure ...
  6. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    It's too subjective to say. People have been fooled under controlled
    conditions many times. I was fooled by my own binaural recordings (played
    back through headphones) on several occasions. Playing back household
    noises, sitting facing the same direction as the original microphone
    orientation is eerily realistic.
  7. Aplin17

    Aplin17 Guest

    this brings up a good point. Since binaural basically records what each ear
    would hear, is one speaker per ear really enough? Can one ear determine the
    direction the sound is entering?
  8. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    I'm not an expert on acoustics (I'm an electronics & software engineer by
    trade), but obviously binaural audio using headphones is quite adequate for
    complete realism, because it removes the confusion of the room adding
    reflections to the recording. I think good surround over speakers might
    require more than two, but two do a pretty good job under the right
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