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Stepper motor phases

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. I have a lot of small stepper motors with 16 leads (8 pair of windings). Is
    there some procedure I can go through to find the phase order of the
    windings. I mean, I need to apply power to these windings, in order, so that
    the motor will move in the most efficient manner. I tried an oscilloscope on
    one set of leads while generating a sinusoidal signal on another but the
    difference in inducted voltage was not enough to tell me which set of leads
    was closest to the one into which I was generating the signal.
  2. Dave Garnett

    Dave Garnett Guest

    Put a long pointer on the stepper shaft, and then energise each coil in
    turn, noting where the pointer moves to ...

  3. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Are there really 8 windings? Isolated and all the same resistance?
    That's unusual. Might some be an encoder or something?

    If it's a PM stepper (you should feel distinct detents if so) you
    could spin the shaft (with a drill moror or something) and look at the
    phase relationships of the voltages that come out, using a scope

  4. I take it you mean there are 8 windings. That is very unusual
    for stepper motors.
    It is also quite possible that pairs of winding pairs share the
    same magnetic circuit. The most likely reason for so many
    winding is to allow series or parallel combinations for use
    with different voltages and to allow unipolar or bipolar drive.
    I would put one o'scope probe on an arbitrary winding
    and trigger on its channel, then, while manually spinning
    the rotor, observe the phase of the other windings with
    another channel. You will probably observe 4 distinct
    phases, or 2 if you eliminate opposing polarities. If that
    is so, you have an ordinary stepper with a flexible
    winding arrangement.
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