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stepdown dc/dc power

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by peter, Aug 25, 2004.

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  1. peter

    peter Guest

    Hello all
    Just have a techniacl question. Over the passed 2 days I'm trying to
    think of a way to build a power suppyly for may magellan sportrak
    map(gps) which needs 3.8vdc-4.2vdc that will be converted from cars
    12vdc. What is the best way to put that power supply togther ueseing
    easy to fing components.
  2. Go to and download LTspice/switchercad, this is a
    design program for switch mode power supplies, and you can just plug
    in the values and a ready made design will appear (by magic)

    The main problem will be protecting any design from the nasty 400V
    transients on the 12V car supply, google for Load Dump. This is a
    significant problem

    A simpler way would be to use a LM317 linear regulator, but will be
    quite inefficient, and the lm317 will disipate quite a lot of heat
    The Load Dump problem is still there for the lm317 datasheet


    Serious error.
    All shortcuts have disappeared.
    Screen. Mind. Both are blank.
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