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Step-Up/Boost Converter powered Speed Controller

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Hello Group,

    I am researching low power electric vehicles (trikes), and have found
    they mostly run on 24-48VDC using several 12VDC batteries (e.g. 12Ah)
    in series.

    Running these batteries in series (e.g. 36VDC) causes one to either
    purchase a 36VDC charger or to disconnect the series and reconnect in
    parallel for charging at 12VDC.

    As an alternative to using three 12VDC 12Ah SLA batteries in series, I
    am considering using a large 12VDC 54Ah AGM battery along with a 12VDC
    to 36VDC step-up/boost converter to power this system.

    I have found a 12VDC Boost Converter
    (, but it isn't quite powerful
    enough (200+ Watts vs 400+ Watts) and am concerned that it might
    produce too much noise or other problems for the speed controller.

    Please post any advice/recommendations, thanks,
    Keller Beyer
  2. Guest

  3. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    A 36 volt charger is hard to build? Or is it a question
    of expense?
  4. Guest

    Make/buy a 36v charger.

    The charger will cost less (and/or be easier to build) than the boost
    converter, and the resulting system will be more efficient.

    If you switch to a 12v battery system, you'll have to run very high
    currents, and the weight of and losses in the boost converter will
    detract from your runtime.

    James Arthur
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