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Stealing electricity from the Phone line

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Aplin17, Dec 5, 2004.

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  1. Aplin17

    Aplin17 Guest

    Is there anyway to utilize the electricity that comes in your phone line? How
    effective and how many watts could you draw from the phone line?
  2. Guest

    Let me guess, you want to charge alkaline batteries?
  3. Guest

    I don't know if this is stealing, but you can get free "power" from
    common transmitted signals out of thin air by bringing one frequency to
    resonance in an LCR configuation.

    Power? I'm sure LT 1 "nanowatt"

    Measuable voltage? Up to 3 volts with just an antenna and resonance
    adjustable circuit from scrap tv/radio parts.

    17 million in series? Who knows what's possible.........
  4. I'm sure I've read somewhere that you can only draw a few miliamps
    before the phone goes on-hook. After that, it's only a few joules of
    energy before the phone company thinks you've spilled water on your
    phone or something, and cuts your line off.
  5. Aplin17

    Aplin17 Guest

    How about through CABLE TV service or Ethernet? Any way to steal electricity?
  6. Karl Uppiano

    Karl Uppiano Guest

    Go to the mall and find an outlet. Plug in your battery charger. Other than
    that, not really. The power in the phone line is used by the Telco to
    determine if your line is off-hook, and to run various lights and
    electronics in your phone. It isn't useful for much else without
    compromising the use of the phone line you're paying for anyway.
  7. SumGie

    SumGie Guest

    Um, dude, why? Why would you want to steal something that is so plentiful,
    that you can get for free? Here's what you do if you want some free

    First, get you some magnets. And some wire. You'll need wire. Figure out
    some way to make the magnets or the wire move around. They should be close
    to each other while they're moving about, and it's important that the motion
    be relative. That is, one must be moving while the other stays still. Then
    hook whatever it is that you need electricity for up to the wire. It really
    is that simple. You can have all the electricity you want, for free, this

    Wind is a popular tool for making stuff move. Or running water. Or you
    could hook it up to a motor, although that requires running the motor which
    will burn gas.

    Alternatively there are the no-moving-parts solutions, but the materials for
    them can be expensive. I'm referring to solar batteries, and thermocouples

    The bottom line is, if you have the resources to sucessfully steal
    electricity, then those same resources can be more profitably employed
    generating free electricity. Stealing it thus becomes an exercise in
    counter-productivity. But then you already knew that, didn't you? You just
    wanted to jerk our collective chain.
  8. Oppie

    Oppie Guest

    You've already used more energy just reading this message than you would be
    able to recoup from the phone line or any other 'free source'. How about
    buying a photovoltaic panel or a wind turbine? Much more of a challenge...
  9. Jim Douglas

    Jim Douglas Guest

    I wonder if Ben Franklin's friends told him "idiot don't go outside with
    that kite" Experiment, play around, have fun, don't kill yourself or
  10. ctyguy

    ctyguy Guest

    How about a remote controlled inductance-fed-battery-charger-kite flown in
    the vacinity of the 25kv transformers used by the electric company. Would
    it be stealing?

    There is a real power transfer factor, but would it take IE from the
    source, i.e.(no pun intended) the field of which dissapates in thin air
  11. beast

    beast Guest

    I don't know if this is stealing, but you can get free "power" from
    What if you run three of these in parallel? Would that not increase
    the wattage by three?
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  12. Charles Jean

    Charles Jean Guest

    On 29 Jan 2005 10:31:33 -0600,
    We don't need no steenkin' LC....



    It's not just a good idea-IT'S THE LAW!
  13. beast

    beast Guest

    [quote:7801642a2c="Anonymous"]I don't know if this is stealing, but
    you can get free "power" from
    What if you run three of these in parallel? Would that not increase
    the wattage by three?[/quote:7801642a2c]

    Is it possible to run say a hundred LCR circuits in parallel, on one
    chip, to produce power by piling up resonnance wattage? And to insure
    frequency, maybe use an low power oscillator instead of a RF out of
    thin air. So a small battery to initiate the first LCR circuit, and
    have a few in cascade formation, one into the other, and at the end,
    rectify and feed into a device, such as a laptop for instance.
    Posted at:
  14. Derek

    Derek Guest

    you can probally get some ok current from a cable jack more than a
    phone, ive seen sparks come from those before, but very small ones.

    Or better yet make a battery, like volta did, with tissue paper,
    vinager, and copper and zinc plates stacked together.
  15. robert casey

    robert casey Guest

    Not enough to do anything with except dial the phone.

    At 15 cents a kilowatt-hour, electricity is still
    pretty cheap compared to say buying batteries at
    rat shack.....
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