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status of jtag signals in the micro controller

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by banu, Jan 17, 2004.

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  1. banu

    banu Guest

    Hi all,
    In my circuit board there is an TI DSP Microcontroller which
    consists of inbuilt Flash ,DARAm memory and some other module.My
    controller had some jtag signals that are needed to load the code that
    was written by me for the application in to the flash or DARAM (which
    is an inbuilt).I am using XDS510ppplus parallel port JTAG emulator
    through the SDCONFIG(emulator testing software) and Code Composer
    Studio(which is used to load the code in to the microcontroller)
    software.My controller power pins are getting the power and the
    external 5v was also given to my emulator ,now my circuit board (i
    mean the controller) is not able to detected by the emulator. my
    emulator is working fine .can any one tell me what are the things that
    are need by the emulator to detect my controller,like jtag signals
    from the controller and also the status of each signal before giving
    the concection from the jtag connector to the emulator.Please give me
    your valuable suggestions.
    Thanks in advance,

    With Regards,
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