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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by frankg, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. frankg

    frankg Guest

    what can I do to get rid of static?

    I have a new digital slr that accumulates a terrible amount of dust on the
    sensor. I have followed a number of threads on the subject and it seems that
    this particular model has a particularly problematic static and dust issue
    apparently due to the amount of charge and the size of the sensor. Cleaning
    the sensor (there are "special" tools) is also not too successful probably
    also due to the dry & heated indoor environment. What would be effective to
    reduce the static in the environment ( a steamy bathroom probably isnt good
    for the camera :) and what can I do to the camera ? For those of you old
    enough to remember LP records there was a gizmo called a 'zerostat' which
    looked like a handgun and a couple of zaps was supposed to gdischarge any
    static on the surface.

  2. The charge on the sensor is in the volt range ... hardly enough to cause it
    to act as a dust collector.

    All digital SLRs have this problem. Depending on the frequency of lens
    changes, user caution, environment, etc.; some folks have more problems than
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