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Static problem with Uniden 5.8 Ghz handsets

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by lizch, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. lizch

    lizch Guest

    My TRU 8885 Uniden cordless system with 5 handsets has been working
    well since I bought it about 8 months ago. In the last few weeks, the
    two handsets that are located upstairs and are furthest away from the
    base have developed horrible static. The problem is so bad that I can
    no longer conduct conversations using these two handsets.

    I would appreciate any ideas for solving this problem.

  2. Gerard Bok

    Gerard Bok Guest

    Need not be a problem with your system.
    5.8 GHz is a free band in your area, I guess.

    If someone else in your neighbourhood bought some gear, you are
    just experiencing the greatness of 'free band' radio.

    Can you select another channel ?
  3. JR North

    JR North Guest

    I have had 2 8885 systems with 3 handsets each for about a year.
    Excellent hardware. No problems at all. My systems are in different
    geographic locations and both are virtually bullet proof from
    interference. Sounds (soory) like a local interference issue; not the
    equipment. Also, check that the affected handsets are fully charged.
    Does the link break down when the handset is near the base, or only when
  4. Jim Land

    Jim Land Guest

    Time for a little detective work to isolate the problem. Since you have
    5 handsets, bring two of the ones without static upstairs and see if they
    have static too. If they don't, then the problem lies in the handsets
    with static. If they do, then the problem is either poor signal from the
    base station or interference.

    Temporarily move the base station upstairs to one of the static
    locations. Does the static go away? If so, take a handset downstairs to
    the former location of the base station. Is there static? If so, it's a
    problem of the signal being blocked between upstairs and down. The
    question then is why did it work OK in the past. Changed location of
    base station? Antenna blocked by a metal object?

    If the static doesn't go away, there is some kind of radio-frequency
    interference upstairs. Try unplugging everything electric upstairs, one
    at a time, and turning off anything battery-powered (smoke or CO2
    alarms). If there's still static, it's time to turn off the house
    circuit breakers, one by one, to see if it's coming from the house wiring
    itself. (Of course, keeping the base station powered up.)

    Have fun!
  5. lizch

    lizch Guest

    Many thanks to all for good suggestions. I will perform detective work
    over the weekend and report back.

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