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Static Cleaner

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Fast Eddy, Jul 15, 2003.

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  1. Fast Eddy

    Fast Eddy Guest

    Hi all,
    Can anybody tell me where abouts in the UK I can buy Static Cleaner.

    Our television has a lot of screen static ( is this due to the aeriel
    amplifying static noise from passing cars ?)

    Everytime we clean our television the static must go all over, and I don't
    want to spread all over the house. We have bought a Dyson Hoover ( very
    powerful ) to suck it up but I am still a bit bothered that I have missed

    I also have some computer anti-static bags, would they help if I spread them
    about, and how do you know when they are full and in need of emptying?

    This is very worrying and I require some information.

    Thank you.

    Edward B Tweedel
  2. What you are looking for is some cans of "InstaMolasses". Just spray
    throughout the house and you will have all that nasty static trapped in a
    flash, plus it will keep your Dyson healthy with the ensuing workout.
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