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Standard USB dongle housing?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Spehro Pefhany, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. Anyone make a standard plastic USB dongle housing? Preferably on the
    generous size.

  2. Just make sure it's not too big that it interferes with adjacent USB
    Odd stuff like this does not show up in searches. I had remembered this
    dohicky, but forgot who made it.
    I just look at the top mfg's that make plastic cases.
    Pactec, Hammond, Bud. then there a like 3 more that I can't recall.
    You can also try those show gift markerters that make silk screened usb
    sticks. They might have some leads.

  3. Syd Rumpo

    Syd Rumpo Guest

  4. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    Would you sell a product based on a case from a 3D printer ??

    They are nice toys, but not ready for including into a product.

  5. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    Which 3D printer are you referring to ?

    The ones available in Colorado, produces a product that is brittle and
    looks sloppy.

    Yes, some day 3D printer material will look and feel like a real product.

    But, not with what I've seen so far.

    Now, building a prototype that can be handled before injected molding is
    done, I can agree with.

    The cost for one molded part is huge.
    The cost of 100s or 1000s of 3D printed parts is also huge.

    Where will the cross over be ??

  6. Too crappy and too expensive, but fine for a prototype where strength
    isn't too important and appearance can be hand tweaked.
  7. You are obviously not working in the industry.

    They work to quite tight tolerances and can obtain good surface quality
    finish, if needed.

    We printed a cad model of a test jig for a device and mounted the
    connectors on it and wired it up. works great, and nobody had to be paid
    a tooling cost, and now we have 5 of them, and they are even light enough
    to mount onto the device in build, and get sent to test already in the

    3D is great!
  8. I have said it before. It is not just your piss poor grammar that
    exposes you as a know nothing dolt.

  9. You are an idiot.
  10. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    Thank you for that endorsement.

    Now how about a product name, so I can see for myself.

    Until I see it, its still a toy.

  11. hamilton

    hamilton Guest

    Ok, now that your done, how about a real 3D product ?

    I may be an idiot, but you are a liar.

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