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Standard PC printers on boats?

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by [email protected], Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Can one use off the shelf PC printers on any kind of
  2. Doug Dotson

    Doug Dotson Guest

    I used my DeskJet 722C with no problems for a year.

    s/v Callista
  3. Yes. I have a Canon BJC-85 which is incredibly compact and doubles as a
    scanner with an optional print head scanner. Not the cheapest, but compact
    and very functional.

    -- Geoff
  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I picked up a used Canon BJC-250 at a garage sale for $20 / ink tank and it
    worked great onboard. Very compact and fits into a locker with ease.

    I also picked up a new Epson Stylus CX4600 for $97 after rebate. This unit
    has a scanner that and digital camera card memory slot so I can scan/print
    or print pictures without the computer. I'm using this at home right now but
    will take it along while cruising the insided passage next summer.

    The Epson does take up a bit more space on the book shelf but scanner will
    be handy when doing boat paperwork or coping chart section from other
    boaters while exploring the back waters.

    Since I'm using digital charts as part of my navigation system, I can always
    print out color chartlets from these programs. This will be handy in the

    I'm not worried about corrosion since these printers are so cheap that if
    boat dampness is a problem, no great loss and they should survive for a
    couple years.

    s/v Good Intentions
  5. Guest

    I picked up a used Canon BJC-250 at a garage sale for $20 / ink tank and it

    Do you think this model from Samsung will be OK?

    Its a B&W laser unit only.... no color.

    Do I really NEED color?
  6. Doug Dotson

    Doug Dotson Guest

    Looks a little big, but if you have the space... I ran mine off of an
    From what I have heard, some printers don;t do well using a modified
    sinewave inverter which is what I used.

    s/v Callista
  7. Guest

    Looks a little big, but if you have the space... I ran mine off of an

    But what you think abt the lack of color?

    Will black and white suffice you think?
  8. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    I think the printers that don't do well have AC power cords and use the
    AC power for some of the motors. Most of the newer ones that use an AC
    to DC adapter run entirely off of the DC are not affected.

  9. Keith

    Keith Guest

    You can get by with BW, but why? The color printers are so cheap. I use the
    Cannon BJ250 which is compact, cheap, and does color and BW. I don't know
    what you're going to be printing, but sometimes I print out little chartlets
    from Nobeltec VNS. Sure is nice to have them in color. Why not go ahead and
    spring for color, then you'll never be sorry.


    Yes, I've heard those allegations, but I know the alligators!
  10. Doug Dotson

    Doug Dotson Guest

    I didn't even notice that it was BW only. I'd go for
    color myself but that's a personal preference. The only
    time I even printed out much in color was when printing
    charts and that was almost never. Most of my printing
    was WXFAX and text. I suspect a BW laser printer is
    a good choice because a toner catrridge will print far
    more copies than a inkjet with a black cartridge. More
    cost effective as well. I used my 722C because it is what
    I already had.

    s/v Callista
  11. Guest

    You can get by with BW, but why? The color printers are so cheap. I use the
    Because the model Im thinking abt getting is a laser
    printer and the consumable last a LOT longer than an
    ink jet does
  12. Guest

    I think the printers that don't do well have AC power cords and use the
    Ahh.... good point!

  13. Guest

    I suspect a BW laser printer is
    Yep...... a LOT more printouts
  14. Correct.

    If you print with ANY frequency at all, the laser will be MUCH cheaper to
    operate. That's the major screw job with the inkjets - the consumable costs
    are radically out of control to the point that they are 10x the cost of the
    paper - or more..

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  15. Doug Dotson

    Doug Dotson Guest

    Could be an issue if one is printing alot. The speed of the laser printer
    over the inkjet will mitigate this somewhat.

    s/v Callista
  16. Ian Malcolm

    Ian Malcolm Guest

    Dont forget that Laser printers use a very high voltage to transfer the
    toner to the drum and then to the paper. Also the drum is fairly
    sensitive to surface contamination. I would be surprised if you got
    more than a fraction of the normal operating life from the mechanism and
    also from the consumables with a high humidity level and microscopic
    salt crystals in the air.

    If you were going to use a laser, I'd recomend only using it in harbour
    in fine weather, preferably with an offshore breeze, and also to stick
    to brands where the drum is in the toner cartridge with the corona wires
    so the minimum number of exposed high voltage parts need cleaning when
    you replace the cartridge. (You are going to spend a lot of time
    cleaning the transfer wire and its insulators though. Better learn how
    to replace it and stock a coil of the stuff (very fine tugstan wire
    IIRC) as well, they are rather delicate.) You'd need to keep it well
    wrapped with a big fresh bag of silica gel in there the rest of the time.

    Any inkjet which has a user replacable head is going to be far more
    reliable on a boat. My preference has always been for the older models
    of HP printers, I am not fond of the newer ones. Black inkjet
    cartridges are easy to refill and if you stick to brands that have an
    integral head, if you dont get a good enough result it doesn't break the
    bank to put a new cartridge in. You need to know where waste ink from
    head cleaning cycles goes, and how to clean out the waste tank as I have
    seen many printers ruined by ink spillage during office moves. By the
    time I got them to repair it was mostly too late. Unless you have
    cleaned out the waste ink tank, never store an inkjet printer on its
    side or on end and never leave them upsidedown. While you are in there
    its worth wiping off the head capping rubber and the rubber head wiping
    blade(s) for best print quality and maximum head life. Its also worth
    smearing a trace of a good contact cleaner/lubricant on the contacts of
    a new head or cartridge to control corrosion.

    For anyone who hasn't guessed, part of my job used to be repairing
    printers. I dont do many now they are so cheap you can treat them as
    throwaway items.

    ianm[at]the[dash]malcolms[dot]freeserve[dot]co[dot]uk [at][email protected], [dash]=- &
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  17. Guest

    And a LOT more current consumption. A laser printer can draw quite some
    Another VERY good point I hadn't thought of
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